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Welcome to talonX Creative Agency, fine purveyors and creators of super cool sh*t from the incredible cities Calgary, Chicago and Berlin. We’re pleased to welcome you to our online world where we delve into the intricate details of our creative work, the story behind our team and all the quirks, weird work habits and idiosyncrasies that make us different from other agencies out there.

From a design perspective we dabble in a large variety of digital services including web design, graphic design and animation design. As a marketing company, we’re focused on delivering the very best in SEO and ad agency services as well as branding and print design. As people we really care about the little things; the fine details of a successful project, the final polish to make something really shine and smell of napalm… er — coffee in the morning. Yes coffee.

Our creative efforts began in Calgary web design, but have led us to become a fully fledged Calgary marketing company. Our growth and success in our home city enabled us to give digital birth in rapid succession to satellite studios in Chicago and Berlin. These days we’re working on a variety of projects for mid to large sized organizations primarily helping our clients achieve their wildest dreams, goals and fantasies (PG fantasies only please) primarily in the digital and advertising worlds. More recently we’ve expanded into photography, videography and some pretty cool 3D design stuff. We’ve got some plans to get into killer robot manufacturing, but that’s a stretch goal.

We work with a wide variety of people and organizations from all works of life. The common traits that pull us together is an appreciation for clean, modern and professional design. Whether it be for the web, for print, for a brand or for an ad, we strive to be different. And different like your weird uncle different, different as in standing out, making a change in your brand, making your company better, helping people to understand you and your company in a way you might not have thought possible. As Jack Trout says; Differentiate or Die and we’re here to help you do that!

If you want to chat, we do too, seriously! Just pick up the phone and give us a ring. If we’re not overly absorbed in some creative pursuits we’ll answer it politely and cordially and invite you in for a coffee (or a beer). If you want to browse over our work and get some ideas about what kind of stuff we’ve been cooking in our studios, just take a quick trip over to our portfolio of creative shenanigans and poke around in there (use the menu to navigate back if you get lost). We’ve got a blog that we update most Mondays with some music and other funky stuff, but we warn you it might get a little nerdy…

Whether you’re just here to browse, or to plumb the depths of our digital workplace, let us know when you’re ready for us to make some cool sh*t for you too!

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