talonX: Flawless Design

Hey everyone, we’re super pleased and excited to announce our anniversary today! We’re very proud of the growth and and all the projects we’ve worked on and created over the past year. We appreciate all of our client’s business and their varying acceptance of our crazy design ideas! As we move toward the end of […]

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Logo Design: The Missing Piece in your Branding

Without a doubt logos are some of the most commonly overrated and underrated elements in branding. This apparent paradox arises partially due to the fact that a logos are perhaps the one of the oldest forms of communication in human existence and have therefore had many twists and turns and ups and downs throughout history […]

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ACink Web Design Calgary

talonX Consulting Launch

It’s here. talonX Consulting has officially been launch! Some of our more savvy customers may have noticed the changed to our web services page earlier this year but we’re now officially releasing the information to the public. This new service is in response to a growing number of requests and general interest in having talonX […]

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