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Design for People Not Awards

We like beautiful… probably more than most people should. After watching the video we’re still not sold that design shouldn’t be pretty, but we like the functional side of it. Check out this talk talk by presented by Timothy Prestero (cool name right! Sounds like pasta) on TEDx Boston in 2011. Pretty sweet ya!

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Calgary Web Advertising

A few posts ago we mentioned we’re entering the Calgary advertising world; everything from campaign development to simple pay-per-click (PPC) ads. One of the main forms of advertising today are the static and dynamics ads you see alongside popular social media networks and search engine results. The platforms used are designed to target a specific […]

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talonX Web Support System

We’ve added a sweet little spot where you can submit tickets for assistance. While we’ve got no problems with you email us or calling us, this helps us keep track of everything in an orderly fashion! We’re also including a regularly updated knowledge-base of our most common FAQ that will help our lovely client sort […]

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