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Calgary Graphic Design – Raven

Calgary Graphic Art

Some of work and work in progress we’re excited to share for one of our clients. Pleased to get the change to share some of of our love or origami design, clean edges and animals in the graphic art and graphic design world. Let us know any feedback or if you’re considering working with us for some graphic design or other needs via our contact page.

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Any Business Requires Marketing

The kind of business a company is in doesn’t really matter. All businesses depend on customers and clients. Without them, there’s no point staying in business. And so, one of the biggest challenges that will confront a start-up business is attracting customers. This is why a good marketing plan is needed. Anchored essentially on how to create interest for the product and draw people in, marketing will help pave the way to establishing a company in a position of strength in the market where it plays. What Is Marketing? In a large scale perspective, marketing may be described as almost anything that a company does to get the customers interested in its products, service or the company itself. It may use any or a combination of available communications resources and platforms which may include, advertising, online marketing, research, branding, direct selling, any special promotional events as sales or discounts and […]

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talonX Calgary Video Production

talonX Video Production in Motion

We’re in an exciting labour day weekend scenario! Our film production team is visiting from our Chicago office to film two productions in Calgary over five days. One has already been produced and is currently being edited, the other will be filmed later today at the local Calgary creative agency office. We’ve got some new toys and tech to play with and will be releasing both vids in the near future once editing has been completed. If anyone wants to stop by the office and see the film production live, they’re more than welcome to visit between 6pm and 9pm MST and get in on the action!

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