The Importance of Web Development in Business

In today’s highly competitive business atmosphere, along with the growing online market, no company can afford to think about making it big without creating its own website. The global client and customer base is simply getting to be so big, it cannot be ignored. A great-looking website, projecting a professional and credible image with easy-to-use […]

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talonX Video Animation Production

It’s been a little while since we’ve created this video, but we’re pleased to finally announce that we can show a project we’ve been working on for months; Cristaux’s “What’s Your Idea” video which blends videography, animation, 3D and double exposures into a lovely blend of visual awesomeness.

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orange hair team up

talonX Partners Live

So we’ve been silently… and not so silently working with some wicked service providers that make our work shine and our lives a whole lot easier. With numerous client requests for ancillary services and inquiries into how we run our business (beer is involved), we’ve elected to create a partner page. This webpage houses some […]

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