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Web Design Trends for 2015

Mobility is the way of the future and having our little pocket computers in hand is better than a security blanket and nothing says comfort quite like a well designed website. As the web continues to grow from a technological standpoint, so too has it in terms of design. Having become more advanced and in […]

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Videography vs Animation

As the world moves faster towards a future basing itself more in technology and communication, it’s important for advertisers to keep with the times. Yesterday’s news is already online today and advertising has to make continuous changes to stay relevant in the online era. With the rise of new media, the internet has made it […]

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Polygonal Graphic Design

72 hours is a lot of time. Especially for one project. But that’s what our lead designer, Claudiu Angheloni spent perfecting one, just one, of our profile images in a polygonal graphic design style featured below. From Claudiu’s words: The process is relatively simple, but quite time consuming. The process begins in Illustrator where the […]

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