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Trending Logo Designs

When it comes to branding, logos make the world go round. After the foundation of a business has been laid and the wheels of practice start turning, the cardinal aspect of any business is a logo that can help elevate stance. Naturally, logo design has evolved over the years to cater to our growing artistic sensibilities and also for a little healthy competition when vying for attention. With everything so readily available online and being surrounded by a plethora of options on a daily basis, a good impression is key and since we’re always on the lookout for the next new thing in design, here are some logo designs that are having their moment now. Low Polygonal Design Something about polygons just gets us excited and maybe it’s because in our high-def world it’s nice to have something that retains a little abstraction. By reducing graphics into their geometric counterparts, […]

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Designing for an Audience

While we’ve tackled the tangible aspects of branding in the form of logo and web design, we haven’t yet touched on the meat and potatoes of any business and their subsequent brand: the target audience. Knowing your audience will affect every executive decision you make for your company. Not only will these people dictate how you run your business but also how you choose to portray it. It’s obvious that a webpage that’s geared towards the construction world won’t have the same effect on teenage girls and vice versa. So how do you determine what kind of design will appeal to your target audience? Like in any relationship, you have to get to know them better. Who is Your Audience? First thing is first, who are even are these people? Hopefully if you’ve started up a business you at least have some inkling, specifically in terms of age, gender and […]

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The Art of Typography

Typography is perhaps one of the greatest tools of a designer; and throughout history and within this industry we’ve seen it grow from its basic use as informative type to an art form in itself. Contributing to this growth, as with most things these days, is of course the use of technology and new digital practices that were previously unavailable to us. Now, a good typeface is appreciated in much the same manner as a fine vintage (or is that just us?) so as we look back and ahead at what makes a good typeface and creativity in its design, hopefully we’ll be that much closer to understanding our obsession with it. The Beauty/Ugliness of Typography A good font obviously has to be readable, a better font will have a little bit of personality to play with and the best fonts (like the best Pho) will have a little secret […]

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