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Calgary Events You Don’t Want to Miss

Here at talonX, we’ve been working our butts off on some fancy new events that are hitting the streets of Calgary in the next couple of months and in the name of good food, good drinks and all things fun, it’s our duty to inform you about what’s to come. Chef To Be is a one of […]

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Thinking Outside of the Box

Creativity. This single word encapsulates the idea of thinking outside of the box. But what is does it take to really think outside of the box? Most people will say that it’s doing something that has never been done before, however in this day and age it’s easy to believe that everything has already been […]

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The Evolution of the Business Card

All hail the great and powerful business card. What’s now considered to be a crucial part of any business’ branding actually has a surprising history that spans across the centuries and we’d like to take this time to indulge you in it. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be educated on the evolution […]

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A Brief Overview of SEO

SEO; it might sound like a fancy executive position in a company or maybe even a high tech, sci-fi piece of equipment, but SEO has quickly become the foundation for a multi-billion dollar industry that is growing rapidly by the second and revolutionizing personal customer experience on all electronic platforms. Standing for Search Engine Optimization, […]

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