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Social Media Captions That Get Noticed!

Social Media is quickly becoming all about the visuals – especially Instagram. Having a stunning image or a fun video is super important, but don’t forget about the words! The images are how you draw your audience in, but captivating captions are how you snare them. It’s tempting to stay inside of the box and […]

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Create a Great Landing Page

How long do you think you have to convince someone to stay on your website? If you answered in the minutes, you are wrong. 30 seconds? Wrong. You have 10-15 seconds – at the most. In those ten seconds, you have to communicate your value as a company and your ability to fill their needs, […]

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Create a Killer Call to Action

Every time your business communicates externally there is an end goal. That goal can be anything, maybe you want people to buy your product, download your ebook, search for a product or click your link. A call to action is simply telling your audience what they should do, it’s a not-so-bossy way for a brand […]

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