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Project brief for graphic design

Amp Up Your Graphic Design Skills With a Little Planning

Have a design project land on your lap? Doing freelance design work and trying to land a killer new client? Doing some internet research on the business you are working with is a good start, but to really nail the job, building a project brief will help your designs blow everyone’s minds. Developing a solid project brief will prevent your designs from going off the rails and leaving your clients uninspired. In essence, your brief will be the blueprint, the north star, the guide to your colour choice, your font selections, and the overall vibe of your designs. Not sure what goes into developing the best brief possible? Our savvy graphic designers are here to let you in on their secrets. Who Is the Client? The first thing to really dig into is the client. Who are they? What do they do? What do they offer clients? Essentially, you want […]

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Word of Mouth marketing at work

The Importance of Online Customer Reviews – Part 2

More and more clients are turning to us, looking for help with online reviews. We decided to make a two-part series about reviews and how to make them work for your business. This is part two, to read part one of the reviews take a look at the importance of reviews blog post. In the digital age, reviews are the online version of word-of-mouth marketing. 85% of people say that their purchasing decisions are influenced by what others say about the business or product online. Customer reviews lend credibility and provide the social proof that your audience is going to need to validate their interest. For someone on the fence, it can often be the deciding factor between making the purchase or not. When a business allows or encourages reviews, it shows openness, transparency, and above all a genuine belief in their product. It all starts off with Google reviews, […]

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