3D Modelling

Calgary 3D Modelling

As technology moves forward there’s an increasing need for more advanced rendering and prototyping services. 3D Modelling is a key step for many organizations looking to explain and express their ideas in a more innovative and understandable fashion. Growing from a Calgary web design company, we’ve learned that 3D renderings are key in the oil and gas industry and offer insights into projects that 2D and graphic design services can’t equate to.

This combined with video animation and video production has led us to a stage where we’re capable of producing a variety of 3D models, CAD renderings and 3D animations for our clients. These structures allow us to explore detailed and assembled views of products and processes which greatly enhance sales presentations and enable viewers to understand projects, items and steps more thoroughly and easily. In a digital age, more is able to be expressed with less using these services.

To create our three dimensional models, we use a variety of software including Maya, 3D Max, Cinema 4D, After Effects and Autodesk. These models can be tuned and tweaked in Photoshop for high quality finishes in multiple file formats. We’re capable of handling CAD renderings, 3D computer modelling, machine explosion and deconstruction, animated 3D explainer videos and more.

While 3D may not be as ‘sellable’ as other forms of design and digital presentation it still holds a valuable spot in conveying the values, specs or ideals of an object, environment or idea. In fact, some ideas are much better conveyed in 3D even if the overall presentation is a bit lacklustre. With the increasing usage of advanced technologies online, using 3D modelling and design in work is going to become a crucial part of communicating with one’s audience.

Even more interesting is the infusion of print design into work. Since 3D printers are becoming more and more commonplace, there is a growing importance for both artistic and business endeavours to fuse some multi-dimensional elements into their practices moving forward. Just like how most web design and even graphic design practices were rather crude in the beginning, they have advanced far beyond their starting point to not only become a regular part of society, but have increasingly complex and large scale uses for individuals and businesses, from retail to industrial, to multinational corporations. Human desire to interact with the world so it’s no surprise that something in the real world (or more in the real world than the 2D world) is becoming a regular part in society.

If you’re interested in getting some 3D work, CAD renderings or just creating something multidimensional and cool, we encourage you to reach out and chat with us, you won’t be disappointed!