About Us

We are a new style of digital entrepreneurs, focused solely on delivering overwhelmingly incredible online solutions. We like design and coffee.

We’re a small team with big ideas

Our talented team is composed of experienced designers, nerdy developers and inventive animators. What glues us together is mutual love of creating cool things in the digital world. We come from different countries, different languages and different educations. We live by three principles; clean, modern and professional.

With offices in Calgary, Chicago and Berlin, we’ve sown our design seeds across the globe. We started with our heads in web design but our sticky fingers have led us into all corners of the creative realm. While we grow, adapt and change, only a few things remain constant; our dedication to quality, and our desire to change the world with revolutionary design.

We firmly believe that good design starts with why and that’s the question we start every project with. We take pride in creating beautiful things! Our purpose at talonX is to turn ideas into simple, functional and exceptional art. Our ideas are rooted in the digital world and are woven together by our talented team — often with the aid of extraneous amounts of coffee.

What our clients tell us

Here’s where we place our bragging rights. We’ve got to thank all of our past and present clientele for putting up with our antagonizing and crazy ideas about what we think good design should be. If you want your thoughts included, contact us here.

The impressive talent of this company was immediately obvious to me. talonX team  listened to my disjointed ideas regarding logo and website design, and created a visual “big picture” at our very first meeting! All I had to do was sit back and let the guys do their thing! Throughout my relationship with talonX, I’m not ashamed to admit that I took full advantage of their extensive business management experience. That’s always the “added value” for me. I ask myself – Can these guys ease any of my other growth pains? Will they share inside information about cool tools, software and services that will optimize my business for maximum success? Do they have an inner circle of professional people whom I can also create a beneficial relationship with? Yes, yes and yes! Ultimately, talonX consists of four super-talented guys who offer dazzling designs, flawless execution, and impeccable customer service. It’s my new “go-to” company for ALL my online digital media needs!Karen Mellor ACink

Before working with talonX, I was completely stressed out. I felt incapable of getting my content and business out into the world because I struggled so much with my website design. I can say with utmost confidence that I would not be where I am in my business today without talonX’s help. I’d probably still be stuck trying to figure out how to deliver my message to the world. talonX supports everything that I do, gives me great business advice, and is there to fix any bugs that come up, on time. I’m so grateful to have kept talonX on my team for website maintenance after the initial site was set up. talonX always got my back and answers emails within minutes. talonX team genuinely love what they’re doing. Their passion shines through their work. I recommend talonX’s services to everyone I know who is looking to create an innovative and professional looking site. talonX has made the difference between me being amateur and professional. Enough said! Thank you again, talonX Team. Dana Marie YogaBabe Life

Aaaaaand some amazing clients

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You made it through the whole page? Awesome! Ready to chat about your project? Even better! Give us a call or shoot us an email. We’re awake most hours of the day and are always quick to respond. Let’s create something cool together!

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Chestermere, AB
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