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talonX Calgary Video Production

talonX Video Production in Motion

We’re in an exciting labour day weekend scenario! Our film production team is visiting from our Chicago office to film two productions in Calgary over five days. One has already been produced and is currently being edited, the other will be filmed later today at the local Calgary creative agency office. We’ve got some new toys and tech to play with and will be releasing both vids in the near future once editing has been completed. If anyone wants to stop by the office and see the film production live, they’re more than welcome to visit between 6pm and 9pm MST and get in on the action!

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Top Advertising Commercials of 2013

A nice video we stumbled across this weekend analyzing videography, film production and styling for some upcoming video production we have scheduled. We’re keeping it light before we launch into somer seriously cool stuff in a couple weeks, stay tuned! 🙂

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Behance Design Profile Updates

Hey ya’ll — for those aren’t in the loop, we’ve been updating our Behance profile visible here: with some of our classic projects. Behance is an online community filled with artists sharing work across the globe. As much as we love presenting our design work within our own website, we also like contributing to a community. We’d encourage you to not only browse your way on over there to our own inner page (and give us an appreciation or two) but also check out some the amazing projects taking place all over the world right now. We’ve been, and are continually inspired by some of the amazing design, web and graphic design taking place on Adobe’s community and are excited to be an active contributor as well! Go ahead and take a quick visit, it only takes a minute.

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email marketing calgary

Marketing Newsletter Launch

Just a heads up, a couple of weeks ago we launched our talonX Newsletter to a select few clients and associates. We’re now making the sign up available for all public visitors to our site who are interested in what our team is producing and what’s happening inside the talonX studios! While our blog posts tend to come out on a fairly regular basis, our newsletter is infrequent and pretty much random form of communication that is exclusively used for what deem internally as “really, really cool web stuff”. What does this include? Don’t worry, no spam or push marketing stuff, just some cool webby things we want to share with our readers that want to know us a little better… plus some other sweet perks that make working with us a pretty fun experience. For thos interested in signing up, all you need to do is click the button […]

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Viral Advertising on YouTube

One of the better viral advertising ads we’ve stumbled across on YouTube. These days it’s rare to find ads or commercials that an audience will watches for multiple minutes. The main trick is telling a story and HelloFlo does an excellent job creating a comedic advertisement that sucks the audience into a scenario that they want to know the ending of. This HelloFlo ad was written and directed by a team at New York agency BBDO.

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talonX Creative Agency is Live!

We’re pleased to announce that the new talonX Creative Agency website is up and live. Over the next few weeks we’ll be working out some finer kinks on the site as we move forward. In the meantime we’d welcome any feedback! Just click on contact and enter in any relevant details into the form and we’d be keen to hear thoughts!

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talonX Places Top 10 in Calgary Advertising Competition

We’re pleased to announce that the talonX submission to the annual Calgary Big Rock Eddies beer advertising competition released the results last week. Though the team didn’t receive any medals, we’re pleased to have made the top in 10 Canada. Feel free to take a quick look at the commercial and fire us any thoughts on our contact page.

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