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Contractor Directory Launching Soon

An exciting heads up — we are on the cusp of the launch of a contractor directory website for the Calgary area. Designed with love and coded on Rails (unusual compared to our WordPress style!) we’re anticipating a major Calgary resource to hit a screen near you soon. As warm up to the new web design, we’re offering a sneak peak at the animation which explains Who to Call (WTC) in a nut shell.

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talonX is Hiring Web Developers!

talonX is on the hunt for a top notch WordPress developer! We’re looking for someone who like to tweak, play and edit the building blocks of a WordPress site to do exactly as needed and produce amazing results! Someone who has no fear in taking a fully designed PSD and slicing it into a clean, modern and professional website. Our full list of requirements target a web developer who should: – Be detail-oriented – Be able to function at a high-level with tight deadlines – Have a mastery of HTML/CSS/JS – Have a good understanding of PHP/MySQL to implement CMS tools – Have a high-level understanding of UI/UX – Be VERY familiar with the web design industry and what tools/languages are current – Be VERY familiar with the web development process and flow – Be able to learn quickly and adapt to different coding environments – Be able to manipulate […]

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Calgary Tattoo Design – Graphic Art

This week yielded an unusual opportunity for us to flex our creative graphic artist talents for an individual in the Calgary area. Drawing on some of the European geometric line art, we created an unique tattoo design for the upper half of a sleeve. The design was created in Adobe Illustrator. We’ve included a basic tutorial on how to create a geometric line art design below, courtesy of our senior designer, Claudiu Angheloni. Enjoy!

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Emotional Design

It involves creating a deeper meaning and value for the user. This includes factors such as how the product makes the user feel about themselves and their identity. Luxury fashion brands, such as Gucci or Louis Vuitton are excellent examples of reflective design. If functions are equated with cognition, pleasure is equated with emotion; today we want products that appeal to both cognition and emotion. -Donald A. Norman

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talonX is Expanding!

Hi readers! We’re very excited today as we’re warming up to the launch of some of our services in more a global fashion. Starting in June, talonX is going to be offering a wade variety of services in Canada, Germany and the USA. We’ve partnered with some fantastic individuals to give us the ability to start giving our clients more. What does this mean for current clients? Nothing but good stuff! Our current hosting, maintenance and web technologies are simply getting better and you’re receiving all the perks just like a new client. Our web dev, graphic design and animation skills are cranking up. We’re also integrating 3D design, advertising, videography and even more services, primarily coming to the Calgary market first and then growing into our other offices (with locations coming soon). But that’s not all, we’re also planning on bridging our nice design skillzzz into the Ruby world […]

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New Perspectives – The Other Side

An interesting TED talk we stumbled across. On the topics of design, web and innovation — things we pride ourselves on, we learn that it’s not about creating or being creative for the sake of doing so, but rather the opposite.

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talonX Web Design Charity

Calgary Celebrity Hors D’oeuvres

We’re please to share our recent participation in the Alberta Theatre Projects annual Celebrity Hors D’oeuvres event. This fundraiser included a top cook off between local chefs and talent as well as a variety of fantastic prizes donated by local talent ranging from a lunch with Dragon’s Den Brett Wilson, to your own Calgary named street sign and of course, yours truly donating a entire branding package including logo, business cards and stationary! We’re thrilled to give back to the Calgary community especially as it’s given us so much, and we’re excited to start a new project with a member of the theatre community in the not-to-distant future. For those interesting in our Calgary charity participation next year, we encourage you to visit where the auction took place. Unfortunately it’s all over for this year, but we’ll be sure to return next year, if not just for the fantastic […]

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