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Award Winning Logo Design

talonX at the Anvil Awards

As talonX grows we’ve started to enter into the general design community. This was our first year submitting work for the judgment of someone other than our clients. We opted to include two works not chosen by our clients, but rather that tickled our fancy. The first was for one of our larger clients, Quintera Drilling and was one of the logos that just clicked for us. A simple, clean, monochromatic logo that blends the letters simply with the purpose of the company. > The second piece was a print advertisement that without a doubt toed the edge of acceptable in the recruiting world… likely one of the reasons a more conservative and professional ad was chosen, but nonetheless was a fun project to work on. There were a ton of fine entries and the event was incredibly inspiring. We look forward to participating again next year!

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talonX Calgary Logo Design

Logo Design for the Modern World

One thing we’ve found time and time again which is key developing a solid, and long lasting logo for a business, is being able to envision the logo in the real world. Concepts, ideas, sketches can only really reveal part of the potential a great logo has to truly represent a brand well. Well we’ve taken it to next level and have started to offer a plethora (that’s right a PLETHORA) of photo-realistic logo mock ups that help our clients envision what their brand will look like in the world, perhaps a week away, maybe a year, or maybe a decade. brands, the best logos and our happiest clients are those that took some time to understand their design, to look into the depth of the concept and to envision it truly as a brand of the future and see it how other might see it. We’re always happy to […]

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Calgary Business Card Design

Print Media Evolution

It’s an exciting update today — we’re pleased to announce that we have partnered up with some local and international print locations to produce high quality and varied print media for our clients. We’ve gone beyond the standard business cards and are delivering multiple materials including: Plastic Suede Silk Cotton And more… We’ve also branched into special folder, brochure and other design styles guaranteed to stand out. With special spot foiling, gloss and layering we’re keeping the print design boutique, upper scale and ahead of the curve. If you’re looking for a way to stand out, here’s your chance. For current clients, you are welcome to stop by our office and see samples of the print products! While our mock ups tend to look pretty flashy, there’s no substitute for the real thing. What was the thought motivating this expansion? Business is about standing out — not in the overly […]

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Calgary SEO Updates

While we haven’t been pushing particularly hard on the SEO train, we’ve had an increasing number of requests for search engine optimization services. We’re thrilled and delighted that word has spread about this offering and wanted to offer our readers a little bit more information about SEO, and exactly what’s included when you choose to work with talonX for this style of service. SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is the process and strategy of boosting a site’s ranking in search engines (such as Google). There are a ton of methods to improve ranking that range from very ethical (known in the industry as ‘white hat’) to very unethical (known in the industry as ‘black hat’). In general, search engines tend to frown upon black hat methods as they tend to reduce the value of websites in general rather than add value. White hat SEO methods tend to provide a lot […]

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Cristaux Complete 02 – Logo Design

Birth of a Logo

Ever wonder how a logo grows from a sketch to a tangible and real object? It all starts with an idea — a concept, something small that eventually is turned into the headpiece for an entire brand. While we can’t cover all angles of development in a simple blog post, suffice it say that creating a truly effective, memorable and simple logo is not the easiest and cleanest process. In the example here, our team went through over 20 concepts with over 150 revisions to nail down the final end product for premium crystal manufacturer and designer; Cristaux International. Through an almost painful process of extracting the unnecessary and integrating a company mission statement into a design, we finally arrived at a fully fledged corporate icon that will stand for the Cristaux brand into the next decade. It starts with a sketch and grows into more. The idea here was […]

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Geometric Design

What’s hot right now? Geometric Design! Design trends are like fashion, it’s hard to say if there’s anything really new, or if it’s just a new take on an old concept. One of the current graphic design concepts that is taking the design world by storm is geometric design. A modern spin on older retro or vintage concepts. The angular and hard edges stand out among the curved styles of many traditional styles. An intentionally flat and 2D image flies in the face of of drop-shadowing, fine edging and gentle flowing. As trend-hoppers ourselves we’ve started some very cool new concepts based on this geometric patterns. The talonX logo design itself is an origami shape, and blends some of the geometric style with it, but we’re taking it to the next level. Our most recent projects, Carbon Copy Digital has a geometric backdrop — and keep your eyes peeled for […]

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Design for People Not Awards

We like beautiful… probably more than most people should. After watching the video we’re still not sold that design shouldn’t be pretty, but we like the functional side of it. Check out this talk talk by presented by Timothy Prestero (cool name right! Sounds like pasta) on TEDx Boston in 2011. Pretty sweet ya!

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