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Dive into talonX Creative Agency’s Calgary Web Design Blog. Our insightful articles cover a range of topics critical to Calgary businesses, including web design, graphic design, branding, SEO marketing, digital marketing, and logo design. Gain valuable tips and strategies to take your brand to the next level, build a strong online presence, and achieve your marketing goals.

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Responsive Websites Win The Search Engine Game

By using responsive design, you will save your customers time, make your website user-friendly for smartphones, improve your search engine rankings, and increase the time customers spend on your product. Additionally, responsive design helps to create a consistent experience across multiple devices, which leads to improved customer satisfaction. It also reduces development and maintenance costs associated with creating multiple versions of the same website. Good web design also boosts conversion rates and improves user experience. It ensures that customers can access your website from any device, making it easier to find the information they need quickly and efficiently. Why You Should Have A Responsive Website A responsive website is ranked highest by Google’s new algorithm. Is your mobile website up-to-date? Make sure your business website doesn’t get left behind. Stay ahead of the trend by optimizing your mobile site. Make certain that your website is mobile friendly and works well […]

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Think Before Selecting a Calgary Web Design Agency

A survey report shows almost 70 to 75 % business owners don’t have a website for their business and rest who are having website is not compatible according to business category. Having a business without a website or online presence is like having a shop without an address. We live in the 24th century and to complete your business, one needs a well-designed website. For having a well designed and developed website all you need to do is search for Calgary Web Design Agency. You will be directed to our talonX website where you can view our portfolio and work been done for our clients. At talonX, we have a team of experts who have years of experience in Web, Graphic and Logo Design. talonX is an award-winning agency for Web and Graphic Designs. There are a number of factors to consider while choosing the best graphic design agency for […]

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Make Sales Magic Happen For Your Business

With our first (and hopefully only) lockdown about to start winding down, there are lessons that we will all takeaway from this COVID-19 experience. For businesses the world over, one thing is abundantly clear – your online presence (and online store) has never been more important. When it comes to converting a potential customer into a happy client there are a million and one factors that have to work together to create the perfect storm. One of the biggest pieces at work is your website, but is it designed to optimize conversions? The psychology of online shopping can and should be applied to most websites, whether or not your audience can purchase what you are selling on your site. Certain aesthetics and design choices are better than others when it comes to your website design, so we tapped our web developers to give you an idea of how to make […]

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Make Your Marketing Cooler (And More Relatable)

With the vast majority of people self-isolating these days, it is safe to say that our online habits have changed. Digital marketers are kind of having a field day trying to attract and retain the attention of their audience and trying to rope in secondary and tertiary audiences while they are at it. It’s kind of funny being on both sides of this COVID marketing coin. On one hand, we are a part of the team that is diving into the coronavirus messaging market and on the other hand, we are all people being yabbered at by brands. If there is one this we’ve learned from being on the flip side of that coin, it is to stop using the word ‘unprecedented.’ Despite the fact that we are existing in the very definition of unprecedented times, if we hear that word again, we may jump off a cliff and you […]

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Land A Job That You Can Do Virtually

These are extraordinary times, where most of us have suddenly found ourselves with an abundance of time on our hands and even more time to ponder a career change. Not knowing what the social landscape is going to look like in the coming years has made a lot of people ponder a career change. One thing is shaping up to be certain though – a company website has never been more important, which means that there will likely be a boom in the web development world in the coming years. If you’re looking to change up your career to a job that offers you the ability to work from home? Web design is looking like a pretty safe bet. Once you have taken your online courses and learned the art of website development, there are a few abilities that will help your resume stand out amongst the crowd and put […]

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How To Go Crazy Working From Home

With the Coronavirus sweeping the world, forcing people to self-isolate, deal with bone-crushing anxiety, and learn to live indoors, going banana pants crazy because of working from home while self-isolating seems really small potatoes. The people who can work from home, should work from home and should probably be grateful to have gainful employment where we aren’t constantly at risk… No arguments here – we should be incredibly grateful for our jobs. We ARE grateful for our jobs but that doesn’t mean that working from home doesn’t come with its own set of challenges. The chief challenge of the bunch being how soul-crushing and mind-numbing it can be to work solo. Lucky for you, our team has worked remotely four days a week for years now. We know how to work from home successfully – we crush the work from home game and we have compiled some of our useful […]

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Designing a Brand – Starting With The Colours

When it comes to branding, colour is key. Every business should have a complementary colour palette that is used exclusively for their brand. Specific hues can make a brand instantly recognizable. Coca-Cola’s red and McDonald’s arch yellow are trademarked and only they can use those particular shades. Colour can convey that message quicker than words do as our brains are programmed to respond to it, green means go and red means stop. You don’t want your website to inadvertently tell your audience to stop when you want them to go. Thankfully we are here to help guide you down the path of deciding your colour scheme. Colour Psychology Every colour means something to people. Look at a cigarette pack, every menthol flavour has some sort of green packaging, mint gum is green, mint candies from diners have green swirls…well, you get the picture. Dark purple has regal undertones and bright […]

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