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Calgary social media marketing

How to Grow Your Instagram Reach

Gaining traction on social media is a constant struggle for most businesses. There are a million moving parts to keep track of, stay on top of, and be aware of. New algorithm? Check. New features? Gotcha. New Platform? God, no! Instagram may not be a new platform, but in the past year or two it has become the darling of the social media marketing crowd – and it has been throwing quite a few people for a loop. If you’ve taken the time to learn how Instagram works and still feel like success is eluding you, don’t get too discouraged. This app is as fun and engaging as it comes, the possibilities are endless, you just need a few tips and tricks to help you create some Insta magic! Quality Since its inception, Instagram has been about quality visual storytelling. Quality because you are only supposed to be posting one […]

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Social Media Marketing Calgary

Which Social Platforms Should Your Business be Using?

Almost every business shares in the same struggles – limited cash flow and access to top talent. Unless you are an international company with the money of Google, or Apple helping you to attract and retain top talent or pay for advertising, you are probably wondering how to find the time, energy and money to devote to social media marketing. Don’t panic and stop stretching yourself too thin. Just because there are as many social media sites as there are Dalmatians doesn’t mean that your business has to be on all of them. Each platform has its own demographic, so you really only need to be where your demographic is most engaged. Thankfully, we had our social media marketing team shine a light on which platforms are the right ones for your company. Facebook Back in the day, it was almost guaranteed that if you had a pulse and a […]

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The Guidelines of Brand Guidelines

So you have an idea for a new business, you have worked through all of the kinks, sourced out all of the capital and are ready to hit the ground running. In short, you are ready to create your brand. The time has come to delve into the world of grapihc design. It’s time to design your logo, craft cards, and most importantly, build your brand guidelines. Your brand guidelines are the overall embodiment of every aspect of your company, so needless to say they are super important. Sounds Easy Right? One of the biggest mistakes new business owners make is racing through their branding process. There is a lot more that goes into developing a recognizable brand than slopping together a logo. There are several steps in brand development that many entrepreneurs gloss over which can end up sinking their success before they have even had a chance to […]

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Social Media Marketing Calgary

Instagram Myths to Avoid

Those that work in the marketing and communications industry know how stressful this field can be. The pressure is real when the fate of an entire company can be riding on a few keystrokes and demographics decisions. It is even more disconcerting when your digital marketing strategy has a strong social media component and the social game is constantly changing. When your likes are going down and your comment rate is plummeting it is easy to believe the myths floating around about how Instagram has changed the user experience and the algorithm and how it means your engagement is going to hell in a handbasket forever. Sure, Facebook and Instagram do make tweaks on a semi-regular basis but that doesn’t mean that the sky is falling, Chicken Little. Just like our scientific forefathers, the Mythbusters, our social media marketing team came up with a list of the most reinforced Instagram […]

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Advertising Agency Calgary

Imprint Your Brand In The Hearts Of Your Customers

When you watch a great film or read a great book it impacts you on a deeper level. It leaves you with something that you continue to replay in your mind and your heart. When you visit art galleries or museums you are usually drawn to a specific piece of art and after you leave it sticks with you. There are even those magical times when an advertising agency really nails it and you see an ad that has that same effect. Cool, But How Can I Do That? In a society bombarded by endless streams of advertisements, how do you weed through the clutter? How can a new business make a name for itself amidst the present glut of competition? Raise your hand if you know the answer. You Guessed It! Find a way into the hearts and souls of your prospective clients. The key to functioning in any […]

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Great Graphic Design in Calgary

Five Deadly Sins Of Logo Design

Creativity is something unique to every designer, we all have a creative license so we should all be able to design whatever our hearts desire, right? Not quite, when you’re creating something that will be the face of your company, the thing that will represent your brand for years to come, it is best to rein in that creative freedom just a wee bit. Start Off On The Right Track Start off by teaming up with a graphic designer who can get on the same page as you and see your vision as clearly as you do, then take a big step back and ask yourself, ‘am I on track to commit a graphic design crime?’ If you do not know the answer to that question keep reading. Clean Up The Clutter Minimalism has become popular in all aspects of design, from interior to graphic to architecture. For good reason […]

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Calgary Marketing Company

Do Live Social the Right Way

Now that live videos have been available to the masses for over a year it is safe to say that playtime is over. It’s gone from a fun and quirky new toy that people would accept pretty much anything from, to a viable space for selling your brand, your personality and your products. It can be a powerful tool that will bring all the ‘boys’ to the yard, but it can also make your audience wonder wtf you are thinking. So how do you make your live videos work for you? So glad you asked! We have a social savant or two in-house who have come up with an easy to follow list of strategies you can follow to help your live videos take off and make you the coolest kid on the playground. Know Your Customer As with all aspects of marketing knowing who your demographic is is imperative. […]

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