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Whether you like it or not, how you choose to present your brand to the public will dictate your success. Advertising is an art and how you cultivate your approach will make or break your campaign and possibly your company, a Marketing agency could really be your best friend here.

First thing’s first, whether you’re selling products at the lower or higher end of your target market or selling to a specific niche or a wide-reaching client pool, you need to curate a marketing plan that will shine through the competition. Easier said than done? Possibly, but with this hot tip in mind, you will undoubtedly have a leg up.

Get The Ad Space

The first secret to keep in mind is that a great Ad can and will invoke impulsive behaviour. Think about the last great campaign you were exposed to; a commercial, a photograph or a graphic that made you feel something, that excited you, and that very well may have called you to action.

Now, think back to that advertisement and see if you can pinpoint what it was that had such an effect on you. Chances are it was professional, the colour scheme had a subliminal emotional effect and there was something about it that made you think ‘I need that!’

All in all, they were probably selling you some form of an aspiration; promising the customer of the product an idealistic future. Swimwear models in bathing suits, with warm, lustrous hues suggesting that even you may look like this in one of their bikini’s. An impossibly handsome man drowning in a bevvy of beautiful women, planting the idea that if you use their deodorant you too could be the man every woman desires.

Connect With Your Crew

A great ad agency crafts a campaign to sell more than products and brands, they are selling a dream. They dig into the deepest depths of their target segment, and ask, ‘What do they want?’ they deliver that desire in the most effective manner for prospective customers.

This is not an easy task, so connecting with a creative agency will be your ticket to that allusive world of ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ success—sans the corruption and inevitable downfall—just the beautiful people, yachts and a waterfall of money… See what I did there?

In all seriousness, getting into the nitty-gritty of what your niche market truly desires is a craft. In order to capitalize on it and achieve the full potential of your advertising campaign, you will need professional assistance. The expertise of professional advertisers is key.

Pick Your People

What can you do to get your product or service primed for takeoff? Zero in on who your product or service is being geared too, brainstorm some ideas of what they aspire to be, then see how your product or service can deliver that dream. Lastly, team up with a great agency and leave the creative part to the professionals.

Not sure where to find one? Look no further! At talonX we’ve got your back. Give us a call at 403-930-3344 or fire us an email at to start the conversation.


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