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Advertising is the blood the runs though the veins of our agency. Though we began talonX with services focused in graphic and web design, as a result of our growing company, our expertise in advertising flourished and it quickly grew to be one of our heaviest hitters.

Most of us are more than familiar with the plentiful scope of advertising and the power it wields. Looking at an example such as the Superbowl where millions of people tune in not only for the game but for what’s going on in between, it’s clear to see the power of a good ad, if for nothing else but creating buzz. A memorable advert is a successful advert and that’s exactly what we’re set on creating.

In the most basic sense of the term, advertising utilizes art and design through a business perspective, striving to communicate on a visual level and connect brands to people. In our modern day, communication knows no boundaries, and as a result advertising has evolved, surpassing its traditional forms of print media to include those more suited to our digital era. In order to keep up with this ever-changing landscape, we too have reassessed our skills and knowledge, offering a broad range of services specifically tailored to meet any advertising needs.

Our expertise lies in the development and redevelopment of brands using advertising as a means to encourage conversation, inspire action and communicate better and faster than ever before. We live in a time where attention spans are low, visual stimulation is high and global communication is at its peak, so we understand the importance of getting your message across as clearly and concisely as possible. Everyone in the world is connected to each other ten times over and we’ve chosen to use this to our advantage. Our aim is to create an experience that your audience will not only embrace, but also share.

Though we’re a relatively young company, it hasn’t retracted from our ability to produce work that creates results time and time again. Instead, our youth and talent have opened up new doorways, allowing us to expand the creative Calgary market with fresh minds seeking to broaden the horizons of advertising and design. Before talonX we felt something was lacking in the industry. We were bored and uninspired with the current state of affairs and since our inception it’s been our goal to fill this void with imaginative campaigns that awe, inspire and motivate.

Our global scope has allowed us to develop a diverse, creative culture within ourselves that combines business insight with keen sense of aesthetics. We’re a unique generation that was raised both online and off, allowing us the see all sides of the story and produce creative solutions with tangible results that our clients can truly brag about.