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We offer full-scale design services that span across all advertising and branding needs for businesses across the globe with designs specifically catered to each. Since our inception we’ve had a hand in creating everything from logos and websites, to 3D models, animations and branding identities for both our clients and ourselves.


We know that no two companies are alike, so we’re of the mind that no two designs should be alike, after all design should reflect identity; and in the world of business we understand how important it is to separate yourself from the pack and stand out from the rest. Our specialty is helping businesses determine, create and build their personality with intelligent and innovative designs intended to brave the test of time.

At its heart, graphic design is all about communication, connectivity, energy and identity and the better the design, the more effectively and efficiently you’re able to reach your audience. With every project, our goal is to create intriguing work that encourages conversation and properly reflects the character of the companies we work for. Our process is a mix of creativity and strategy, gaining valuable insight into our client’s business and their target market and harnessing the power of change to aid us in creating original designs time and time again.

We’re a vibrant community of young individuals with worldly experience that spans across North America, the United Kingdom and Europe. Having worked independently of each other in different countries around the world, we’ve come together to form a brand that is unique and fresh, with influences and inspirations sourced directly from our many pursuits across the globe. Two heads are better than one, and in our case there are many heads and minds involved so we’re confident in producing work that sets a new standard of excellence with creativity that puts Calgary on the map. We work collaboratively with both our clients and each other to ensure that no stone is left unturned, that all necessary requirements are met, all perspectives are considered and that every idea remains original and imaginative.

Our craft is a testament to our continued drive to succeed, our commitment to excellence and our efforts to constantly exceed expectations. We love what we do and we think that you will too.


CFR – Cheetah Factory Racing

CFR – Cheetah Factory Racing

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Bardöt Beauty Boutique

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