Calgary Marketing Agency

Get your Marketing Hats on!

Since our beginning of days, talonX has been an avid contributor to the marketing success of our clients. We help to invent and reinvent companies to meet the shifting demands of their own cliental and in doing so have become little more than experts in the process, if not a little humble.

The face of global business is changing and these days it’s simply not enough to have a good backing and a snazzy product or service offerings. With the plethora of people and options out there, good marketing is the bread and butter of any business venture. Whether you’re a small start up or a business in the big leagues, you’ll need a marketing strategy to ensure that you always remain fresh, relevant and prominent in the eyes of both current and potential clients.

So how do we fit into all this? Obviously since you have the best business in town you’ll want to have the best minds in marketing working for your cause. By definition a marketing agency is essentially an agency dedicated to the creation, planning and handling of all advertising and forms promotion; but we see ourselves as much more than that. With a fresh and creative outlook and by constantly educating ourselves in emerging marketing trends and those efforts tried and true, our marketing techniques not only encourage business growth, they create awareness and inspire action on everything from music and architecture to energy and law.

Considering the mass connectivity of our world, we understand how important it is to stand out both online and off lest you fall into the void of cyberspace or the like. Good marketing or lack thereof can make or break a company’s business and our aim is to help it grow. We’ve worked with companies large and small, building them, redesigning them and helping them to flourish. Our own success is measured by the success of our clients and we’re confident that our expertise combined with critical know-how and a collection of skills well suited to the modern era, we can achieve just that.

We’ve pioneered a different culture and a new way of thinking in the creative marketing industry. As a young and diverse group of people from all walks of life with hands on experience from all over the world, our minds are ripe with ideas and the possibilities are newfangled and imaginative. We’re a new generation of professionals who sought more than what had been previously offered and we jumped at the opportunity to provide. Our collaborative way of working combined with skills in new media and a vast knowledge of strategy and creative cool results in truly original ideas that can deliver real success to our clients.

We pride ourselves in being a well-rounded marketing agency, strictly white hat in approach and at the end of the day, we don’t wait for results – we create them. Get in touch and see what we can do for you.