Search Engine Optimization

Demystifying the Basics

Calgary SEO Updates

While we haven’t been pushing particularly hard on the SEO train, we’ve had an increasing number of requests for search engine optimization services. We’re thrilled and delighted that word has spread about this offering and wanted to offer our readers a little bit more information about SEO, and exactly what’s included when you choose to work with talonX for this style of service.

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is the process and strategy of boosting a site’s ranking in search engines (such as Google). There are a ton of methods to improve ranking that range from very ethical (known in the industry as ‘white hat’) to very unethical (known in the industry as ‘black hat’). In general, search engines tend to frown upon black hat methods as they tend to reduce the value of websites in general rather than add value. White hat SEO methods tend to provide a lot of value, and thus are a safer method of boosting one’s ranking when someone searches for you online.

A site’s ranking in a search engine is determined by a variety of factors, including:

  • Links pointing to the site from other sites
  • The age, size and type of domain
  • The content on the website
  • Social media communication relating to the webpage

This is is only the tip of the SEO iceberg so to speak, most search engines use a very complex, continually changing updating algorithm to determine the placement of certain websites for specific search terms (known in the industry as keywords).

So where does talonX step in, and how do they service the Calgary SEO market?

We help improve and increase your website’s ranking in Google and other search engines. While our process isn’t entirely disclosed to our concern of leakage of the ‘special SEO sauce’, we assure you it’s very white hat and if setup correctly, will most definitely improve traffic to your website. We begin with a sit down consultation to help develop a strategy. Many times manipulating the search engines is unnecessary if a few things are tweaked. Some of the most common mistakes can be easily remedied, and sites can receive a boost in rankings merely by;

  • Putting relevant and targeted content on their website
  • Creating social media profiles for their site
  • Cleaning up poor coding and sloppy backend work (from someone else — not us obviously! 😉 )
  • Submitting the page to local directories, URL acceptors and updating the site regularly

If all of these have been taken care of, then it’s time to look at appropriate keyword targeting strategies that are going to improve traffic and help grow the business. By working on specific keywords and targeting a certain market, businesses can save both time and money when improving their ranking.

The biggest takeaway here is that SEO can be an extremely helpful and useful tool when applied correctly. We’d recommend you dot you i’s and cross your t’s before engaging, but once you’re ready, make sure you pick a smart, ethical and proven provider — and then gradually invest in improving your rankings until you’re at the point getting a good ROI.

If you’d like to chat more about our services, please feel free to visit our contact page. We’d love a chance to talk your ear off about the process and how we can help make your business better!