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How to Get a Job at a Creative Agency

So you want to get a job at a marketing agency. Who doesn’t want to work in a creative agency? It’s clearly where all the fun people work. Bar carts, candy stations and games like foosball and pool are the norm. It’s like a fun version of Mad Men, minus the rampant sexism and is […]

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Nick VR

Virtual Reality — The Future of Digital Marketing?

In the not-so-distant future, babies will be born and they will grow into kids who never knew a world without virtual reality. VR won’t be some new and awe inspiring technology to them, it will be the norm. The digital experience for these kids will be completely different to that of their parents and their […]

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Sitemaps Are Like Pirates Gold

A sitemap is better than a treasure map. Ok, whoa… that’s not entirely true, allow me to rephrase. To your website, a sitemap is better than a treasure map. When you put a sitemap into a web designer’s hands it is akin to putting a lost pirate’s map into a treasure hunter’s hands – only […]

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Background Videos That Don’t Suck

In the past couple of years internet speeds have increased exponentially and browsers have gotten better at supporting HTML5, video has become the new normal. It’s not just for advertising and informing the audience anymore, video has fast become a web design element. We are seeing more and more background videos on websites, but not […]

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