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Minimalist is Better

Oftentimes it’s easy to get carried away with a project and end up over doing it. Good design is as much about knowing when to stop adding as it is knowing what to add. Truly beautiful work should always focus on highlighting a purpose, never taking distracting from the main element(s) it’s meant to serve.

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Start with Why

We share with you one of our favourite speakers and inspirations, Simon Sinek. If you’re looking for web design and not sure where to begin; ‘start with why’. Take 20 minutes, kill the lights and enjoy what inspires us to create elegant designs web designs for all types of business.

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Web Design is Simplicity

We share some knowledge from Tim Parsey, a key designer at Yahoo. Oftentimes an effective design is more about stripping away the useless, the excess and the unintentional to truly reveal something magnificent. Truly beautiful web design is balance of addition and removal until the product reaches a perfect point balance.

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