Content Marketing

Any good marketing strategy will have content at its core, which specifically focuses on communicating with the audience in a non-intrusive manner by creating and curating content that is valuable, relevant and consistent. Marketing is impossible without great content to be engaging, inspiring, and captivating.


You may have heard the famous Bill Gate’s statement “content is king” and in this case he got it right. He thought that content marketing was the new and most effective thing to focus on right after the introduction of the Internet, but nobody could have predicted how this information database would change how we live. We live in an age where information is vast and endless and its up to us what we do with this information. Filters and search engines sift through information with codes and methods and it’s only good marketing if your link shows up when searched.

What really defines good content is the fact that it relies on purely informative material that the audience can actually find use in. Content marketing is always educational, never promotional, and good content will make a person stop, read, think and even behave differently. Regardless of what marketing methods you dabble in, content marketing should be a part of it. The idea is, good content will attract an audience and subsequently win over both their business and their loyalty.


How it Works

There have been many surveys that explore the effectiveness of different types of content. Articles and case studies are listed as the most effective style of content with supplementary photos. Videos come up next, but quality videos are the hardest type of content to produce. So basically, we want a bang for your buck and blog style content can be pushed out because it’s simple and effective. That’s why we suggest a blog on the websites we make. They are great way to put information out here and to create a personal relationship with the audience.

How content marketing works is that it gives you link backs and searchable content on the key words in your post. What we can do for you is research your company and it’s competitors on the based on what’s out there, we can analyze what the audience is interested in and generate content based on that. This content can then be marketed on other platforms such as social media and email newsletters. The key to this content is to make it relevant and not the spam that we are so good at filtering out of out brains.

Content Marketing Strategy

By regularly updating and adding new content, you encourage reader loyalty because they will want to come back for more if the content is interesting. This will also help spread the brand through reader engagement because if you’re interested in something then you will want to talk about it and share it. Its beneficial that nowadays social media marketing is so diverse and convenient that a like or share can get your content across many platforms.

Why It’s Effective

So why is having quality content important? Well, its because marketing is only good if people want to read it. When you get someone hooked and passionate about a certain topic, they will stay and hear what you have to say. This content can also be curated to create a certain brand identity and ‘feel’ for the brand.

With good content, value and respectability is added to a brand. It’s no longer just an item or a service offered but a lifestyle or ideal offered. From blogs to guides to apps to workshops, and tweets, the content created is endless and it’s these things that create a company’s presence in the industry. The content should educate and inspire the audience to make their own choices on the product. By talking about a specific subject, a positive impact can be made on the company because a further understanding and brand awareness is made. Having such presence in the industry also builds a high level of respect and company reputability, which ultimately yields customer loyalty, retention and increased engagement.

In terms of search engine optimization (SEO), the more content you have, the more content search engines, such as Google, have to send traffic your way. In our very digital and Internet based lifestyles where Google is our biggest source for answers, we would definitely say that content marketing is important and effective, not only for having users find relevant information they are searching for on your website, but for getting more pages indexed in Google and opening yourself up to a wider audience online. While this may encourage the creation of low quality content for the sake of quantity over quality, it’s eventually the articles that are most engaging that have the most power not only for readers, but for search engines as well.


How to Implement

There are many ways to get content out there but the main and most effective way is to write about the ups and happenings of the industry. Usually through a blogging platform, like what we are doing now – content-marketingception. Now, the content written should be in line with the tone and brand of the company and not just some information on why your company is so good. The aim should be to engage readers and turn them into potential buyers with their own personal choice.

When putting out content it is important to put out quality content, something that tells a story and is relatable. Generally content is aimed at invoking a certain response from your readers, or your audience. Authors and novelists write for themselves, but they also have a audience in mind (perhaps someone similar to themselves). When implementing a content marketing strategy, it’s important to consider the readers first and foremost. Gathering feedback, analyzing reader stats and looking what is shared most plays into an effective and scalable plan. For building a brand an following, it’s key to build an ongoing relationship by both leading content creation and producing truly unique content, but also giving readers what they want to hear. Here are some things to consider when creating content for your website.

1. Tell the truth – You won’t get anywhere if you’re scheming and lying to manipulate your reader, they can see through that and it’ll leave a bad impression on your company. When you tell the truth and come off as genuine, the reader can relate and is more likely to look deeper into your site, you’ve got them hooked and interested.

2. Use data and examples because this is how you prove that what you’re saying is creditable and isn’t out of this world. You could use some stuff from your company, its not selfish, don’t worry.

3. Edit, edit, edit; I know you’ve heard this before but there’s nothing more unsophisticated and derailing for credibility than having that spelling error.

4. Site your sources, credit should be made where it applies, don’t go stealing other people’s sh*t, it’s not nice. Inspiration is fine, and some say ‘nothing is original’ but being honest is the best long term strategy.

5. Keep it real and simple, you should assume that the reader has no idea about your field and explain clearly. Better understanding of the content = better understanding of what your company does.

What’s the takeaway? Just remember that good content is effective and crucial for marketing. It’s important to push for insightful content that serves to initiate conversation in your industry. Putting out this information shows that you know what you’re doing and also educates readers who could be potential partners.



Keyword targeting and research for main market

Basic brand recognition and direction of company messaging

Up to 1,000 words of quality content per month


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Blog management and submission for WordPress website

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Keyword targeting and research for main and related markets

Advanced brand recognition and direction of company messaging

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Up to 5,000 words of quality content per month




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