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How To Curate Your Social Media Feed Like a Boss

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How to Curate Your Social Media Feed Like a Boss

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you know that short videos and striking images have taken over social media. The days of simply posting a word based update are long gone and good riddance! A picture can be worth a thousand words, but it is a double-edged sword, as these days, social media managers feel more like they’re curating an art gallery than a social media presence.

We are always hearing from potential clients who are at their wits end with their social marketing efforts. Business owners don’t have the time and energy it takes to curate a truly stellar social media presence, nor do they have the know-how. Short of being a gallery owner, having a photography degree or an abundance creative bones in your body, how do you generate a social media presence people want to follow? Glad you asked! You don’t have to be a highly sought after photographer to curate an excellent feed, you just need a few tricks up your sleeve.

Consider Your Audience

Yes, we sound like a broken record, but narrowing in on who your audience is and knowing what they like is the foundation of all successful marketing campaigns. If you don’t know who your audience is, curating a page will not only be unsuccessful, but it will be practically pointless as well. With social media marketing, you can’t just throw the spaghetti at the wall and hope that it sticks, ‘cause it won’t.

Find Your Filters

In order to keep a cohesive feed for their clients, as a marketing company, we tend to choose core filters and stick with them. Steal this trick! Find a filter or two that you like best and use them whenever you post. They don’t have to be the crazy noticeable filters, just something to give all of your photos a uniform look and feel. You will be surprised at how a simple filter can create uniformity and refine your feed.

Create Templates

Never underestimate the power of a good template. When doing a timely text update, templates have the power to keep your posts looking uniform. You don’t want to use a template every single time you post, but sometimes (ok, oftentimes) you need a super-fast turnaround on a social post. That’s ok, you have a template handy! It has your fonts, your colours and your filter ready to go – just update the words, input an image and you are ready to rock!

Thumbnail Art

Video is such a great way to engage your following, but it’s also super easy to lose traction if you have a sub-par thumbnail. Keep your feed’s aesthetic clean and cohesive by choosing a thumbnail that is clear and blends into the style of the rest of your posts.

Of course, there are many more ways to engage your audience and keep your feed looking professional without spending all of your time and energy on just your social media efforts. Use the seasons as an inspiration, pick your brand colours and try to stick to them, or try colour blocking the videos and photos throughout the platforms.

If the mere thought of curating a spectacular feed is making you want to set fire to your head, put down the lighter and hit us up! We have a social media marketing team at your disposal. Give us a call and we can chat about how we can help!


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