Digital vs Print Marketing

What's more effective?

Digital vs Print Marketing 02

Digital vs Print Marketing

Being on top of the game in marketing is definitely one of the most important thinks for businesses but how do you know what is the most effective these days? What is the most effective medium to promote your company and keep the sales going? We are going to talk about the differences and evolution of print marketing and digital marketing to see what is more effective.

magazine-autralia1Is print marketing even relevant anymore with all the digital platforms going on?

Of course it looks like you’ll be silly to invest in flyers and print media since in this day in age its all about the email and social media marketing right? Well a closer look shows us that it hasn’t really become irrelevant yet. Print marketing still has potential in the area of promotion, something that digital marketing just hasn’t caught up to yet. Physical pieces of marketing are more alluring and induce reading rather a delete button in your email. Something tangible is easily read and kept for future reference and it doesn’t have a limit as to who can receive it, which is the case for email and social media (unless you want to send spam…). Another benefit is that printed media such as magazines have a longer shelf lfe than and email or online newsletter. In addition to the shelf life, there are also many more copies, which adds to the reach.


Now for web-based marketing there are plenty of benefits such as the flexibility of the web to correct and update and not to mention the cost effectiveness of displaying something on the web. The Internet is also a interactive medium which engages consumers giving them a connection to the brand which leads to a lasting relationship. And the final and probably most useful benefit of web marketing is the fact that everything’s meant to be shared with a click of a button.

Now which one is better you ask? Well that’s a difficult question and there is no definite answer because successful marketing is really customized to a specific company and their consumers. However, recently the integration of both methods of media is showing popularity. Using the strengths of each medium and combining them together is becoming the next new thing in marketing. Print media almost always references a website or online platform for more information or have complete online versions of the print media. QR codes and apps have also become popular which allows people to engage with the content. Using this method the company benefits from the shelf life and reach of printed media while getting the portability of the mobile phone and active engagement of web based marketing. Understanding how to use these two media types to promote marketing is the key to a successful marketing campaign.