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Fail Proof Your Social Media Presence

Everyone, their dog, and their grandmas have some form of social media presence. For a business, especially in certain industries, it is almost commercial suicide to not have a Facebook page at the very least. That being said, just because customers demand a social media presence, doesn’t mean that everyone knows how to properly manage their networks.

The lack of confidence leads to one of two things, either catastrophic errors or being paralyzed by fear and not posting at all. We don’t want you to be making amateur mistakes, we want to build your confidence and help you make your social media bulletproof with a few failproof tips.

Be Visual

If your company lives on Instagram, you already know that pictures and videos are life. If you are more of a Facebook or Twitter company, we may still have to drill it into your head: word posts are not your friend. The best way to explain it is simple geography. Think about how much space a picture or a video takes up, versus words. Your viewer is more likely to see and engage with your vibrant images or cool videos than simple words.

Change it up

Sure, you’re a restaurant. Your primary purpose may be food and drinks; however, your audience is going to get awfully bored seeing only pictures of tasty treats or beautiful bevies, no matter how mouthwatering they may be.

Reimagine your feed and make it more captivating by sharing more images or videos of people, action, and life. This can include your staff members, your culture and your events. People will respond well to see the story of your whole business, not just your product. Write your caption to the post so that the visual is reflected in the words.

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Build Relationships

Because building the visual and content strategy and managing the day to day of posting can be an all-consuming role, people tend to forget about actually engaging with the other people and businesses. It’s a great way to get your name out there and get your target market interacting with your brand and as soon as your audience has actually engaged with your brand it makes you more memorable.

Have a blast

Let’s not forget one of the best ways to ensure that your social media efforts are going to pay off – have fun while you’re doing it! When your social starts feeling like the worst part of your job, it’s a sure sign you’re not doing it quite right. Get out there, be authentic, crack some appropriate jokes and just have fun in general.

Of course, doing social media for a living is only fun and games for some people, it isn’t second nature to everyone. If you’re not living your best life while building your social following, you may want to give us a call and have us do it for you!


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