How to Fight Creative Block

Fight Social Media Writer's Block

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How to Fight Creative Block

Let us get real for a minute. Social media management can get tedious. Sure, most of the time it is a fun job where you get to be creative and find ways to show off your company. It can be thrilling to check back and see how many likes or retweets or comments you are getting and it is super fun to watch the view count on your videos grow. But it can also be quite the slog. Content calendars, analytics, return on investment and just finding something new and engaging to post about every day gets tiresome real quick. As with any creative field, you can sometimes get blocked.

When most people think about social media, they don’t consider the time, energy, planning, and creativity that goes into curating a truly excellent feed. If you are trying to make your social platforms shine, but you just aren’t feeling your creative juices flowing, don’t panic! We’ve got you covered with our tried and true methods for unlocking your creative prowess.

Pump up the Tunes

Sometimes you are just not in the right headspace for creativity. We may be business owners or employees but we’re still human beings. If something has got you down, try playing music to get you in the creative headspace. Feeling blah and low energy? Try some super popped up jams to get your energy up. Maybe your co-workers are chit chatting away or the rhythmic tapping of the keyboard is driving you to distraction? Invest in some good noise cancelling headphones to pump your jams!

Get Active

It is incredibly difficult to get your brain moving if your body isn’t. When your job is social media management, it is easy to sit and get stuck in the land of content calendars and analytics. This is not going to allow your mind to open up and get inspired by what is around it. Get to the gym and get your creativity flowing while your muscles are moving. Don’t have the time to make it to the gym? That’s ok, get up, stretch and go for a walk around the block. If there’s a park nearby, eat your lunch there – green space helps, trust us. There is nothing like getting your body moving and a change of scenery to help your brain open up.

Blank Page

The blank page can be your worst enemy. It is the dreaded white blank page with that infernal blinking cursor telling you that you have no idea what to say, while simultaneously demanding that you say something. That white blank page can also be your greatest ally if you let it be. Don’t just sit there trying to come up with the perfect thing to say. Let your mind go and just start typing, it can be anything. Write about how your day is going, something funny your kid said to you this morning… anything. Once you get to typing your creativity will open up and you’ll find the perfect thing to say.

Browse Social Sites

When all else fails, there is always seeking inspiration from other social media pages. Directly rip off your competitors? No, but go out there, find pages that are funny, beautiful, and just all around awesome and see what they are doing. They don’t have to even be in your field or industry, just pages that are done well enough that can inspire you and set your creative mind free.

Managing your social presence can be stressful and yes, sometimes tedious. Let us do it for you! We are seasoned professionals who know how to get passed even the worst writer’s block, it helps that we are surrounded by some of the most creative folks in the biz all day, e’rry day. Get it touch and we’ll get you sorted!


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