Graphic Design

Berlin, Chicago & Calgary Graphic Design

Our history of graphic design has grown from simplistic logo designs to full scale branding and advertising for global and multi-national businesses. Our humble beginnings led us through a true exploration of what it means to truly design something unique. Every business is different and our design aims to reflect that. The different components of graphic design we cover include, but are not limited to logos, branding, print work, advertising, web design, 3D modelling and more.

When it comes to graphic work, it’s no longer solely about lines on a page, or pixels on a screen, it’s about communicating through images. While copywriting and content have their place in communication, indeed the bulk of logical communication takes places using words, graphic design is communicating through art. Images invoke emotions which more thoroughly communicate ideas in a quicker and more rapid fashion. Major logos are memorable, specific color combinations mean things to specific people. More people can stomach an infographic than they can an annual report because the information is presented in an easily consumable fashion that stimulates not only the logical information, but the emotional, creative side of the brain as well.

Truly Effective Graphic Design Makes a Difference


The true power of effective graphic art emerges when both the logical and emotional are combined to inspire a target market to take action. In a world where there’s a hundred things a person can pay attention to at any moment, how does one break through? The secret is using design that explains an idea, an emotion, a concept in a split second, something that hooks an audience into seeing more.

It doesn’t stop at logos; proper presentation of marketing materials, typefaces, book covers, packaging etc. all convey something to a viewer. Our designs center around the intention behind, the “why” of their creation. When working on any graphics, there needs to be a purpose. Some of our work centres around grabbing attention and hooking an audience. Other pieces are more focused on a subtle branding or feeling that someone experience when visiting a website or viewing a particular design. Regardless of the end design, we always need to start with asking why which leads our creative design process.

A variety of tools are used at our agency to create some of the work we’ve shared on the site including Adobe Creative Suite (primarily: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects and Premiere Pro), however we also use a variety of other tools for specific jobs including Maya, Cinema 4D and are embracing new technologies to continue serving our clients needs. We pride ourselves on being able to create just about anything graphically and always relish a challenge.

Get Local, Get Graphic Design Made in Calgary

While the exact meaning of graphic design varies from place to place, our offices in Calgary, Chicago and Berlin all abide by same standards of creating clean, modern and professional end products. Our Calgary graphic design office is proud to have produce some of the stunning designs seen on the front page of the site. While we doubt most clients have a need for gigantic transformer-meets-steam-punk designs, we want to show the capacity of what’s possible in the design world right now and make the point that if you can imagine it, we can create it.