Calgary Interior Design Agency

Changing the Face of Commercial Interiors

Good design isn’t just in the digital world, it echoes through residential and commercial interiors as well. talonX Creative Agency has branched into the wonderful world of crafting the same style of modern, minimalist and clean digital designs into interior design in Calgary. We work with our clients to be as involved as much as is comfortable, ensuring we work with the natural ebb and flow of the project. With all the interior design Calgary has to offer, it’s important than we work together to truly deliver a remarkable and long lasting project.

The process begins by following a strategy of reverse engineering. We start with the end in mind; what do our clients want to accomplish? What vibe should the location give off? What should people feel when they enter the residence? What is the brand message that is established when people interact with the environment we create together. We take these goals and devise a plan to reach them by asking more questions and blending them with our own expertise. Merging goals like making a room warm and inviting and infusing certain textures, materials and standout art into the plan.

Coupled with web design or branding, we are able to deliver the top interior designers Calgary is able to provide. Experience in both the digital medium and real world allows for a wide variety and variation of ideas infused into spaces. When working with commercial clients, we create spaces that match the business’s style, brand and marketing strategy. When working with home interiors, the focus is on creating environments that invoke feelings and stand out in the design world.

Good design is obvious. We don’t make decisions, purchase goods or move ahead with logical explanations or well thought out plans. Especially for commercial interior design, we create a complete plan of execution, from inception to production to ensure lasting quality and success. Our fee structure is flexible based on the project specs and is designed to ensure clients are full comfortable moving ahead.

Our primary focus is on creating spaces that are modern, clean and professional. We focus on minimalism, crisp finishes and an artisanal approach to home and commercial decoration. Like many Calgary interior designers, we offer consultations and recommendations prior to starting on a project. We’d encourage all potential clients to contact us for a free consultation and meeting. Let us help you create the space you’ve always envisioned.