Key Trends To Use in Website Design

It's more than just visual


Key Trends to Use in Web Design

Here we will reveal the trends that’ll shape your web design and development to your favour. It’s important to realize that there are many other elements of web design other than the visual aspect. Other less visible components are crucial to the success of a website and most of the trends are new and important.


Voice or sounds in a website or app is definitely something new that we are seeing occur more often. Voice input such as Siri or Google Now let the viewers interact directly with the software and create a new experience. People can ‘talk’ to their devices and use speech to command. With this new aspect, its important for new designs look at how their interfaces will real in existence with the voice or sounds. Voice based experiences can certainly change the outlook on a platform.


With more and more people online shopping or creating profiles online, there has been an increase importance with security with user passwords and the maintenance of them. It used to be considered an engineering issue but now its known as a problem in the design that was causing these issues. Security of a website and its users is important in every level of business and this means that designers need to address this experience. There are different ways and methods to approach password, accounts, authentication and viewers will certainly appreciate the uncomplicated interface of a security feature.

Search engine optimization or in other words trying to be the top hit when searched used to be the ultimate buzz term with companies striving to get on the first page of Google or any other search engine. But although the efforts were there, SEO alone wasn’t enough and didn’t generate higher engagement too. Therefore its important to approach SEO with a broader approach, which involves a strong UX and CRO. As Owain Powell a digital marketing manager describes: “If SEO is the promotion that drives visitors to a store, UX provides an effective layout and signage in store. And CRO is the understanding of what drives customers to the till.”

appsWeb apps have the advantage of not having to be installed and having sites with app-like abilities is trending and engaging. It allows a larger viewer base to experience the app since they can be accessed by people lacking the platforms to support apps.

All in all these 4 tips in website design really stand out and can set you apart from other websites. Sometimes its important to look past just the visual design and layout of the website to evaluate the successfulness of a site.