Logo Design; The Face of your Brand

The Face of a Company


Logo Design; The Face of your Brand

Within the first few seconds of seeing a logo or brand, people begin to form an opinion about a company. This is reason enough to have a well-designed logo as it can be the main visual element of any company’s over-all brand identity. As current and potential markets grow to recognize, like and trust a specific logo/brand, consumers become inclined to react more favorably to future encounters with the company, which could,consequently lead to possible sales or an improved state of mind.

To the general public, a logo is a company’s face. It’s one of the first identifying items people see on any of its product or service offerings, its website or any ad material, and it will give them an idea of what and who the company is. This design therefore should be unique and memorable as it plays a critical role in creating a positive impression on people.

Why a Logo Is Important To a Business

A recognizable company can often be an indicator of a certain level of success. Basic to such a corporate vision, is awe;; designed and easily recognizable logo identity that can help pave the way to growth and success. Research shows that people (in particular, consumers) more easily recognize and remember a logo than a spelled-out company name.

The other key reason a logo is important is that it reinforces a company’s personality and overall sales objectives. While it’s only one piece of a company’s total branding strategy, this iconic design piece is often a symbol that provides consumers instant and powerful recognition of the business, its services and its products. In terms of effective promotion, a logo can make a substantial difference.

Calgary Logo Design

A logo is often one of the first items we start with locally at our agency, even before a website design or other markers. The reason being is that this design often lights the way for future design items and general brand objectives. While we can know, learn or study what personality and ideals we want to infuse into a logo, it’s challenging to simply compose a logo with no insight into the company. Most often we need to know why a company exists in order to design correctly for them.

Creating a logo is more than simply typing out the company name in a visually appealing font. Colors, size, simplicity or complexity are some of the factors that go into the design process. While a the final product may simply act as a form of label to some degree, it’s essential to realize that the other, less tangible elements instil certain emotions and reactions into customers, and this where the finer pieces of design come into play.

Our agency continues to be guided by certain tried and tested styles and processes found to have worked successfully with logos this far, often that lean toward modern, clean and minimalist. Some key points we always consider include:

  • It should be distinct and at a glance, should be easy to spot.
  • The graphics, visuals and imagery should fit in appropriately with what the company is about.
  • The typeface should match the design style.
  • The logo should be able to be placed in a variety of colors on a variety of backdrops for maximum success.

We consider a logo the tip of the iceberg. And have some example within our portfolio to share if you’re looking for ideas!