Making a Memorable Brand

How to Leave a Lasting Impression With a Brand

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Making a Memorable Brand

In this day in age, brands are everywhere from a logo to a specific style or design, its hard not to blend in with the rest. Now when we speak of a brand we are not talking about a logo. A brand is not a label or graphic, it is more than that. It’s the idea, theory and innate soul, of the company. A logo on the other hand is the graphical element that depicts this and communicates the brand visually. It’s the first impression you get with a brand.

In other words you could think of the brand as a rounded and dimensional person and the logo as something that represents this person. Here are some things to think about when creating a successful brand identity.


Colour is something that sticks with you and is something that many brands use to make themselves memorable. Colours evoke feelings and can be used to create and cultivate a certain essence for the brand. Think of basic colour theory and what tones can enhance the brand’s feelings and objective. Every colour evokes a mental effect and it can be aligned with your brand. It’s so effective that some colours have even been trademarked. Think Tiffany’s blue and Coca Cola red.


Slogans and Tag Lines

Something catchy always sticks with you even if it makes little sense. Slogans and tag lines are usually 3-5 words that are easy to remember and are the simplest way to communicate the beliefs and tone of the brand. When advertised on TV or videos it’s easy to make them a lasting memory like that song you have stuck in your head. You’ll find yourself thinking of them when you think of the brand.Slogan


Social media plays a major role in establishing tone for a brand, as it’s as if the brand is talking to the world. People want to hear what this brand is thinking and for your brand to have believable social media presence, you need a tone to follow. Tone and consistency go hand in hand to supplement the beliefs and mission of the brand. If you change tones from day to day, your brand will not be believable and people will question what your brand truly stands for. Think Nike who uses social media to create a motivating and encouraging tone for its consumers and Dove who create a network for empowering women. Similarly aesthetic consistency will make the brand recognizable; think: Nike check mark on their products.

Nike Twitter

Connection to Emotions

By giving the brand personality and a certain experience, people believe that they can also have this experience. In a sense it is buying the experience that is idealized and shown. An example of this emotional attachment is Ikea. Their style of design and marketing idealizes sustainable European design and quality as well as comfort to create a homely feeling. Another example is Coca Commercials with happy people partying and having a good time while enjoying Coke. This marketing strategy targets the good feelings and consumers buy into the idea the product represents.


A good brand is timeless, memorable, and communicates lasting impressions.  It takes time and feedback to reach this level of being noticed and recognized.