Marketing for Micro Moments

The Golden Opportunity


Marketing for Micro Moments

We previously discussed Google’s newly formed stance on the benefits of mobile browsing and in the process stumbled across yet another Google driven concept, this one being the micro moment.

For those of you less familiar, a micro moment can come in many device related forms, from checking the time, to finding out who won the game to texting your friends. Basically any small task that requires the use of a device (generally a smartphone) is considered to be a micro moment; and according to Google these micro moments are steadily increasing in our day-to-day and contributing to a rise in expectation and demand from the sites and apps we interact with. It’s fast becoming a force to be reckoned with amongst brands and how well they’re able to adapt to the needs of the mobile market not only in response time but also from a marketing perspective.

The force we’re referring to doesn’t seem like a big deal at a glance (gratuitous pat on the back for clever pun) but like with money, time and ants, small things together can make a big impact overall. To drive this point home, consider the fact that 91% of smartphone users will look up information on their phone whilst in the middle of a task and that 84% of shoppers would rather compare products on their phone than rely on the word of an employee. In light of this, a new form of marketing is in order and companies are seeking ways of doing so in order to harness the power of marketing the micro moment.

The micro moment is a golden opportunity for brands, where specific intent and high engagement collide. For what Google refers to as the I-want-to-know, I-want-to-buy, I-want-to-go and I-want-to-do moments, the key is finding a way of developing apps and sites that deliver relevant information in mobile moments. For example, notifications that inspire action are being used by brands such as Nike who send a reminder when your shoes should be replaced or like Walgreens when a prescription needs refilling and even places like Sephora if you happen to be close by and will benefit from their rewards program.

The best way to harness micro moments is by encouraging engagement and using apps to the best of their ability. Apps are a great tool in determining the demographics behind your audience and beyond that, allow a non-invasive way of interacting with them, given they’ve provided you with the permission to do so. Focusing on engagement in social media, such as sparking a conversation or providing insight and inspiration, can promote participation in your brand in a short period of time (or micro moment if you will), which will hopefully give your viewer enough pause to become interested and aware.

At this moment in time, the biggest challenge for marketers is how relatively new it all is. We already have the means of collecting data, what’s lacking is the ability to put that data into practice in a split second to create a customizable experience. That being said, predictive customer intelligence is very much in the works with an end goal of being able to analyze past, present and future behavior and engagement; but until then we’ll have to rely on old fashioned research to help us anticipate where to be at the right time.


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