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The Three S’s of Marketing to Millennials

The Three S’s of Marketing to Millennials

If you are a millennial, you probably cringed the second you read that word. It’s quite loaded and full of negative connotations. Of course, it’s not exactly flattering when you are labeled as lazy, entitled, and completely self-absorbed. On the flip side, us millennials should bask in the knowledge that despite the fact that older generations look down their noses at us, they are trying their hardest to figure out how to market to our group.

In the business world right now, millennials are all anyone can talk about, think of, and vigorously research. This generation has been blamed for everything from the downfall of big box stores and the meteoric rise of avocado toast.

We are the largest working generation, but also less likely to have mortgages; millennials understand that owning a house with a white picket fence is not as likely (or as desirable) for them so they are more willing to spend their hard earned cash on things that make them happy. It’s no wonder companies are falling all over themselves to get our business. The question remains, just how do you spin your business story to reach this ever-so-coveted 18-37-year-old demographic.


At the risk of sounding like a baby boomer, millennials are hip to your jive – marketing jive that is. Unlike any other group before them, this demographic understands communications principles and tactics unlike any other. With this group, transparency is key. Don’t use old-school marketing methods to reach this crew because they will see right through you and you run the risk of offending their intelligence. Millennials turned The Dollar Shave Club into big business because they appreciated the transparency of the Club’s campaign.

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This group is bombarded by advertising stimulation nearly every minute of every day. It makes millennials value simplicity. Consider the logos and packaging of companies that were made big by millennials and you’ll see that simplicity reigns supreme. This influential market has turned Beautycounter into a big, billion-dollar business. The effortlessness of the branding may have caught millennials attention, but the Beautycounter story is what reeled us in. Speaking of your story…


A couple of years ago, the big marketing buzz word was story. This was the buzz word for a reason, it was when companies first started to clue into the millennial desire for a well-spun story. This target market is all about the why and can be swayed by a compelling story. That being said, the story should keep in line with the other s’s. To engage millennials, your brand story should be transparent, simple, and quick to follow.

Marketing to this target market also requires a large amount of segmentation, personalization, and it needs to take advantage of multiple platforms to cut through the clutter. These three s’s will set you up with a great foundation to grow from but if you’re not sure where to start get in touch with us and we can chat! We are all millennials who know exactly where and how best to reach that ever-so-elusive market.