From SEO, to Direct Mail to Campaigns & Beyond

It’s the digital era and marketing has gotten a makeover. Gone are the days of flyers, newspaper ads and good ol’ poster advertisements (well, sort of) making way for more modern ways of communication and branching out to more people than ever before.

All companies, big and small need to have a marketing strategy and the success of their business will be determined on how well they’re able to reach the right people for their brand. While the vastness of the interweb can be a daunting place for anyone looking to expand their online horizons, there’s no denying that it’s also your greatest marketing asset. But have no fear if you’re digitally handicapped! That’s what we’re here for.

Our role in online marketing is simple. By keeping ourselves well informed and constantly evolving our marketing schemes to stay one step ahead of the game, we’re able to boost business rankings in the search engines and market online while maintaining an ethical ethos and using the most effective means available today.

One of the key modes in ensuring businesses don’t get lost in the sea of cyberspace is Search Engine Optimization. We rely on Google for most any curiosity the universe throws our way, so it seems natural that depending on where businesses rank on a Google search can also determine how successful they are in terms of creating awareness of their brand and building a steady cliental. SEO considers the inner workings of search engines, keyword rankings and specific search results and based on this, is able to optimize sites to better direct organic traffic (and hopefully future clients) towards them. Though SEO isn’t a skill we wield lightly. As the great Uncle Ben said, “with great power comes great responsibility” and we’ve made that our own personal mantra, repeating it every morning in front of the mirror. In this, we remain strictly white hat, ensuring the value of the site remains intact and providing a generally safer method of boosting rankings online.

In the other corner comes another advertising big wheeler that has made its face known in the online world. Pay Per Click advertisements help define the audience and direct the flow of traffic to a specific site. Search engines are the most common form of PPC, where advertisers will bid for placement and keywords to ensure they get first dibs at the top of a search page. For every time a PPC ad is clicked and redirected, the advertisers will pay a small fee to the publisher, be that Google, another search engine or another high traffic website. Less competitive than SEO, which only deals in organic visitors, essentially PPC is a way of buying visits to a site.

Perhaps the most familiar form of online marketing comes with good ol’ fashioned email. Though a series of bad marketing stunts in the form of spam and mindless email barrage has created a sort of stigma around email marketing, at its best email marketing can be used to enhance the brand by building better relationships with clients by keeping them informed while being specifically tailored to them. Done right, email marketing can be effective in helping a business develop and maintaining relationships with clients over time, building loyalty and trust in the company brand.

Knowing where your business is headed is a big part in figuring out how to make it a success, though the most important aspect comes in understanding your audience as well as your competitors. We work to make businesses stand out from the rest while gaining tangible results that you can really brag about afterwards.