Our Collection of Service Sidekicks

We don’t always work in lone wolf fashion. Int fact some of our work is best presented, managed or displayed through our partners. We’ve carefully picked and chosen a select group of service providers who we have confidence in and believe offer high quality, top tier services at reasonably priced levels. Please browser below for recommendations or options on related digital and design services that complement the work we provide to our clients.

Business Cards & Print Media

We like (I mean love) the print quality, and selection provided by Moo, especially their Luxe collection. They’ve got business cards, seasonal cards, flyers, stickers… you name it. Check out their site and pick some fabulous print productions!

VPS Hosting

While we provide our own VPS quality hosting for local and global clientele, we rely on Liquid Web for our backup hosting and they do a bang up job… like fantastic! IF you’re looking for a company with the highest uptime for hosting, top notch support located in North America, definitely check them out!


Ever wonder how we’re sending out automated reminders, easy payable invoices and it’s all branded right to talonX’s style? We use TeamWise Ventures — it makes things easy to manage, quick, efficient and relatively systematic.