Polygonal Graphic Design

Hand Created Graphic Art

Polygonal Graphic Design

72 hours is a lot of time. Especially for one project.

But that’s what our lead designer, Claudiu Angheloni spent perfecting one, just one, of our profile images in a polygonal graphic design style featured below.

From Claudiu’s words:

The process is relatively simple, but quite time consuming. The process begins in Illustrator where the entire graphic line network is created (by hand we might mention). Following the design, the entire web is migrated to Photoshop, where the there are vectorized triangles individually made out of each line design path.

The result is an image with 9323 individual points which have been converted into 3049 vector triangles.

Yes, that’s 9323 points and 3049 triangles.

And the result is pretty spectacular…

Polygonal Graphic Design

Polygonal Graphic Design Calgary

Polygonal Graphic Design

All images are available on the site on our team page and we’re based on the images taken by JM photos in November — the photography work here.

We’re thrilled (and a little relieved) this part is over but are also fascinated by the result.

Our thanks to Claudiu, the skilled designer who made this all happen!