Carbon Copy Digital

Think slideshows are boring? Us too! Here's a logo reveal + slides for the modern day and age.

Client: Carbon Copy Digital
Role: Animation Design / Creative Direction

Carbon Copy Digital is a Calgary based technology and print company that offers a complete range of digital solutions for small to large businesses in the regions. With a vast array of digital printing solutions, electronic storage solutions and more, the company maintains an attitude of continuous improvement and is able to deliver high quality services based on mutual integrity, trust and respect.

With new means to deliver information, we’ve created a hybrid logo reveal and slide presentation that is far more exciting than the standard method of sharing information. With time audio effects, background noise and carefully a balanced screen presentation, we’ve taken Carbon Copy’s digital presentation to the next level.

The goal was to share some of Carbon Copy’s documenting and online archiving solutions, hence the particle and pixel movement combined with the information in text. Blending it all together with a ‘carbon-esque’ backdrop and some eye-catching displays, the information is not easily forgotten.

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