Keep the Content Train Moving

tips and tricks for repurposing your rad work

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Keep the Content Train Moving

It’s true, some days you don’t always have the time, energy or inclination to write anything whatsoever – much less content that is engaging, on-brand, and well written. So what happens when you are too busy to come up with a new blog post or you don’t have any current news to share with your followers in your newsletter?

Let us let you in on a secret used by many marketing companies… You repurpose the shit out of it, that’s what you do! However, there are limits to what your audience can or will handle for repurposed content. Luckily, our team has a neat little list of tips and tricks to help you use your older information in a way that your audience will enjoy. Read on, friends!


The key to repurposing old content is to share content that is not outdated. Evergreen content is literally information that is always relevant, no matter the time it is posted. On the other hand, timely posts are ones that will go stale and cannot be repurposed. If your piece is about the psychology behind social media marketing, it is likely evergreen. If it is about the Facebook algorithm change from three years ago, it’s long past the sell by date.


The content marketing world is often a popularity contest. If you have a post, blog, article, infographic or case study that was super popular, change it up and use it again – as long as it’s evergreen information of course. Just make sure that a decent amount of time has passed since the content was posted originally.

Format Change

If you have a popular, evergreen video, transcribe that shit and put it on your blog. Have a slew of really interesting facts? Turn it into an infographic! Perhaps you had a super nifty blog post, turn it into a podcast. The medium may be the message, but the message can be put in many forms of media.

Don’t Pretend

Let’s say that you are re-posting a blog post from a few years ago, it’s good evergreen content and it got some decent traction. Any good agency worth their salt would say that you can re-post it, just don’t pretend it is new content. For instance, if you are posting a blog post or video to social media use the Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday hashtag.


If you are deeply entrenched in your company or industry it is quite probable that you have a ton of facts hidden in your content that would make for excellent social media fodder. People tend to be rather subjective with their storytelling, but throwing some raw data into your social media storytelling can quickly turn the qualitative into the quantitative and reach a whole new audience.

Repurposing content can really help save you time, energy, and creativity, but it comes with a caveat. It is not something that should be done often. It shouldn’t take the place of creating timely, engaging content on a regular basis. If you are feeling overwhelmed with your blogs, SEO, videos, or social media efforts, stop stressing! We have an entire content team that can be at your disposal. Just give us a call and come have a chat!