Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is without a doubt one of the hottest topics on the web. A good Google ranking, or ranking in the search engines (SERP for short) can make or a break a company’s business. Many industries and businesses are shaped by their keyword ranking and rely heavily on being optimized for specific search terms in order to drive traffic and potential customers to their site.

For a long time we were hesitant offering SEO services to our Calgary, Chicago and Berlin customers as the industry is fraught with scammers, promises of over delivery and black hat (pseudo legal) practices that can be extremely detrimental to a site’s performance in the long term. The reason we’ve changed this is due to the fact we’ve spent a long time building up a solid, strong and white hat strategy for boosting client’s ranking in a sustainable and smart way. We’ve been very cautious to approach link building and site ranking increases in methods that follow best practices, above and beyond many of the competing strategies that we’ve seen being used.

While we can’t share the intricacies of our search engine marketing (SEM) strategies we have our clients judge us purely on results. We offer month-to-month plans that enable all of our customers to analyze their results and ensure we’re delivering on what we originally promised. It’s important to note that nothing is certain in the SEM world and our optimization techniques are only backed by best estimates and experiences. Our Berlin, Chicago and Calgary SEO services have been successful but are always evolving and changing to adapt and stay ahead of the curve in the modern web world.

While much has been written about search engine optimization, we really believe there are only a few main component of a well optimized website. These are typically divided into the on-page elements and off-page elements. On-page SEO consists of ensuring that the website has the necessary keywords and topics that the site wants to ranks for, and that these specific terms are not over or under used. The older a domain, the more active on is on social media and the more indexed pages all contribute to an improved ranking. Other factors like clean web design practices and smart web development also assist along with proper labelled images and videos or animations.

The other side, which makes more difference in Google’s (or other search engine’s) eyes is the off-page SEO. This is determined by the power and number of links pointing toward your site. The more high quality, credible links that are pointed at your site, the more Google values your webpage. Furthermore, the other site’s content and the specific anchor text (the words within the actual URL link) will greatly determine what specific keywords your website will rank for. If you are receiving links from websites with topics that are relevant to yours from webpages that are relevant to what you want to rank for, your ranking is likely going to increase. If the links pointed at your site are unassociated to the keywords you’d like to rank for or come from a less credible source, their power or ‘link juice’ is greatly diminished.

Our approach to search engine optimization is a combination of on-page and off-page work, with the focus on off-page link building. We believe that with smart, well thought out SEO strategies we can rank sites ethically and sustainably with noticeable results; specifically increases of traffic and customers to a website.