We are a full-service Web Development & Digital Marketing agency in Calgary with a creative flair and a track record of success. We generate beautifully crafted innovative solutions that elevate business goals as a multi - faceted digital agency. 

Marketing & Strategy

Pulling together strategy, writing, technology and creativity we help our clients forge dangerously effective marketing strategies to get their brands and stories in front of consumers. We understand that running a business is your job, and getting that business to a higher quality and larger quantity of your target market is ours.

Strategic Marketing Matters

Customer engagement is critical to effective marketing campaigns. talonX provides the theory, platform of execution of connecting businesses to users. Through research, planning and extensive testing we act as your brand advocates and help your business speak.

Let us create your story and turn flat interactions into customer experiences. Whether through digital or in person mediums, we’re focused on creating a strong foundation for any business to grow on. Boring brands are boring… and being borings sucks. Let us bring you something real!

One of the biggest problems companies are faced with today is how to cut through the clutter and develop a sustainable strategy that delivers results not only today, but in the days, weeks, months and years to come. Sustainability is functional, and working to create, design and execute an effective marketing strategy will ultimately yield serious success in the future. Forget about quick fixes, let’s build something legendary together, straight from the ground up.


Our award winning design team has a well balanced approach to branding and design. We push the boundaries of what is standard practice in the world of branding without sacrificing usability or function. We work closely alongside our clients to create end-products that far exceed what we could do alone. Visit our portfolio to see some of our past work.

talonX Web Design Branding

We don’t take establishing a business brand lightly. As an iconic presence that reflects your values both internally and externally, we start with the question ‘why?’ — why the brand exists, why the business exists, why customers for the business exist? This helps us derive what a business is fundamentally about and brings the true brand into the light.
With a strong brand presence, there is virtually nothing we can’t use to promote your business, the production options are technically limitless. We design logos, print cards, create stationary, stickers, physical media, billboards, wall art, vehicle decals and more… we’re still waiting for someone to ask us to do a blimp.


Our new fangled approach to advertising is directed creating and building deep love for your brand. We take a non-traditional approach to traditional media — breaking standards, methods and outdated practices of audience engagement. In a world where connecting with a customer can be done in 1,001 and ways, we find the one that fits just right for you.

talonX - Calgary Advertising Agency

Command and Commandeer Attention

Our ads don’t cause ripples, they make waves. We understand and recognize that each year, human beings get more effective at disregarding and ignoring ads. Adblock, both technological and mental, has grown rapidly, and it’s our job to make your brand stand out from the rest, not only as being memorable but as a truly powerful call to action.

Simply put, advertising is sales. It’s appealing to a specific target audience in an authentic manner to convey an idea. Our advertising tells a story, it helps people connect to a brand. We relish the challenge of developing a campaign, hooking an audience and putting our noses to the grindstone until we see real, tangible results from our efforts. After all, anyone can cause a reaction, our job is to get a response.

Web Design

Web design is where we excel! We build our sites beyond expectations and standards to make your business stand out among its monotonous competitors. We construct a large variety of websites with packages and bundles to meet everyone’s needs. From a basic templates, to complex state-of-the-art designs including custom PHP, Ruby, e-commerce and other premium web solutions!

calgary web design

No matter what you’re looking for we’re able to cater to your needs, provide recommendations and keep designing until we have a beautiful website. Contact us directly to learn more about our services.

Search Engine Optimization

Our digital marketing services range from SEO, to PPC to campaign development and management. We’re strictly white hat when it comes to boosting your rankings in the search engines and have ethical policies for marketing your brand online.

Web Marketing

Lethally effective email, direct mail, promotional and print campaigns that impress target market and yield real, tangible results.

Pay Per Click

High quality paid campaign development and management across Google, Facebook and other search networks that bring you targeted visitors.


Smart, sustainable search engine ranking strategies that will drastically change the amount of organic traffic to your website.

Graphic Design

Graphic design isn’t just funky art and sweet designs, it’s seriously the digital medium for a lot of creative expression. While we might only see the final end product of graphic art projects, there’s an infinite number of applicable uses for graphic digital expression.


The foundational application of marketing and strategy is the logo design. Often recognizes as the iconic part of a brand, a strong logo speaks volumes to your audience, going beyond the actual imprint and what feelings, emotions and thoughts it instills in it’s audience.
Graphic art, advertising, print media, digital ads… all are created, modified or edited via graphic means. A solid application and production of high quality graphic design tells your audience about your brand and the type of company you are.

3D & Animation

We design a wide variety of animations for websites and business. With professional voice-overs, 3D experts and savvy artists, we draw on a wide variety of resources to produce high quality video animation services. Our team can create short clips, promotional trailers or information based explainers, all which helps you reach your audience in a more efficient fashion. Our skilled animators and designers also produce high quality 3D stills, renders and isolated objects for professional, creative and personal uses.

Logo Sting Animation

Deer Animation


There’s a reason why photography can be a fulltime job, someone’s life work and the driver behind the world’s most successful social media platforms. Photos speak louder than words. In one moment, an image can tell you more than an entire thesis.

Imagery is Powerful

We know design, marketing and advertising play critical roles in communications, but good photography makes the planning, research and production of these strategies possible. Whether it be people, food, furniture or design, the difference in lighting, aperture, exposure and setting can make the difference between okay and incredible.

Our team makes sure we deliver the best photographic services to make your brand click. Combined with digital enhancement, graphic design and attention to detail, we make sure that the ultimate end product in any campaign captures, the hearts, minds and eyes of onlookers.


Video Production

Commercials, business promotions, awareness spikes — the works. Our cinematographers will plan, film and produce just about anything you’ve ever had the idea to film. Tell us your idea and we’ll handle the rest. The power of videography lies in it’s ability to effectively and strongly convey a message. If a picture’s worth 1,000 words, a video’s worth 1,000 pictures!

Take a look inside the Calgary studio and meet some of talonX team members. We share our values, processes and how we work, and most importantly why we do what we do. Also, some cool stuff we’re working on!