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Manage your social without pulling out your hair

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Manage Your Social Media Without Losing Your Mind

Does the thought of logging into Facebook or opening your Insta make you break out into a cold sweat? Having a certified anxiety attack about managing your social media isn’t a productive (or happy) way to live. You don’t have to mindlessly waste hours of your time every day in platforms designed to keep you interested.

Would you believe us if we told you that there is a better way? You can manage a thriving social media presence without breaking out into hives about it. It’s really all about strategizing and planning your time, energy, and content.

Be Strategic

Yes, we are always banging the strategy drum, but that’s because it is a drum worth banging. Having a solid strategy will save your time, your energy, and most importantly, your sanity. What does success look like to you? How are you going to benefit your customer or client? What are your objectives or goals and how is social media going to benefit these goals?

You always want to have a laser focus on the reasoning behind your why. Ie. Why is social media the platform to forward this goal? If it isn’t the best medium for your message, then it begs the question – why are you on it?


So you have your strategy, what about your plan? Some people may think your strategy and your plan are going to be the same thing… they would be wrong. Your social plan is going to include an audit of all your current social media channels, an audit and an analysis of your competitors, and a social media content calendar.

Calgary social media plan

Social Calendar

This is not the calendar where you are going to find the fashion or charity events of the season. This is the type of calendar where you will establish your images, captions, and hashtags (if necessary).

This makes it so that you are not wiling away your time every day, or multiple times a week, trying to figure out what and where to post. You can simply spend a few hours a week to get it all planned out. You also have the luxury of checking out a calendar and being aware of any big holidays coming up and planning any big business milestones that you should be celebrating.

Pick a Friend

One of the most anxiety-inducing parts of social media management is that it can sometimes feel seriously all-encompassing. It’s a 24/7/365 medium that can punish you for not acting fast and that can feel a little bit overwhelming. It doesn’t have to. Tag in a friend (or more accurately a trusted co-worker) who can lighten the load and at very least allow you to take a stress-free vacation when you need one.

Social media management doesn’t have to feel like a boulder on your shoulders. With a little strategy and planning, it can be an easy, breezy marketing platform. Not sure how to get that strategy wheel turning? We can help! Give us a call, we can have a cocktail and chat about the best way to start your stress-free future.


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