Calgary Celebrity Hors D’oeuvres

We’re please to share our recent participation in the Alberta Theatre Projects annual Celebrity Hors D’oeuvres event. This fundraiser included a top cook off between local chefs and talent as well as a variety of fantastic prizes donated by local talent ranging from a lunch with Dragon’s Den Brett Wilson, to your own Calgary named […]

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Logo Design: The Missing Piece in your Branding

Without a doubt logos are some of the most commonly overrated and underrated elements in branding. This apparent paradox arises partially due to the fact that a logos are perhaps the one of the oldest forms of communication in human existence and have therefore had many twists and turns and ups and downs throughout history […]

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Animation & Video: The Future of the Web

As some of you may know, talonX produces cool little animations or short videos for logo stings, explainers/introductions and promotions. Most of our video displays are produced in Adobe After Effects but we have been known to branch out to a few other forms of media and have been in collaboration with some Chicago based […]

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The Truth About Web Design

In the digital age everyone knows something about making a website. From one page website builders to complex layers of PHP, Ajax & jQuery and everything between, most people have fiddled with making something that is eventually plonked down somewhere on the world wide web. These days you don’t need a university degree, you barely […]

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Web Services 2.0

Heads up! talonX has restyled some of it’s key webpages to detail our service offerings more clearly! Don’t worry, nothing serious has changed, but we decided we’d let everyone know some of the finer details as we evolve to meet new demands and overcome new challenges. First Announcement: We Love WordPress Yup, it’s official, we […]

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Good Branding in Web Design

Good Branding in Web Design Why is branding essential for businesses to thrive? It’s not as conspicuous as one might think. Good branding is not just having a memorable logo, tagline or jingle, it’s about the underlying emotions that someone feels when they interact with your product or service. Because of this branding could be […]

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