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Calgary Celebrity Hors D’oeuvres

We’re please to share our recent participation in the Alberta Theatre Projects annual Celebrity Hors D’oeuvres event. This fundraiser included a top cook off between local chefs and talent as well as a variety of fantastic prizes donated by local talent ranging from a lunch with Dragon’s Den Brett Wilson, to your own Calgary named […]

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Logo Design: The Missing Piece in your Branding

Without a doubt logos are some of the most commonly overrated and underrated elements in branding. This apparent paradox arises partially due to the fact that a logos are perhaps the one of the oldest forms of communication in human existence and have therefore had many twists and turns and ups and downs throughout history […]

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Animation & Video: The Future of the Web

As some of you may know, talonX produces cool little animations or short videos for logo stings, explainers/introductions and promotions. Most of our video displays are produced in Adobe After Effects but we have been known to branch out to a few other forms of media and have been in collaboration with some Chicago based […]

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The Truth About Web Design

In the digital age everyone knows something about making a website. From one page website builders to complex layers of PHP, Ajax & jQuery and everything between, most people have fiddled with making something that is eventually plonked down somewhere on the world wide web. These days you don’t need a university degree, you barely […]

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