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Logo Design; The Face of your Brand

Within the first few seconds of seeing a logo or brand, people begin to form an opinion about a company. This is reason enough to have a well-designed logo as it can be the main visual element of any company’s over-all brand identity. As current and potential markets grow to recognize, like and trust a specific logo/brand, consumers become inclined to react more favorably to future encounters with the company, which could,consequently lead to possible sales or an improved state of mind. To the general public, a logo is a company’s face. It’s one of the first identifying items people see on any of its product or service offerings, its website or any ad material, and it will give them an idea of what and who the company is. This design therefore should be unique and memorable as it plays a critical role in creating a positive impression on people. Why a Logo Is Important To […]

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How Branding Transforms your Business

In a way it’s true what most brand managers will tell you. People don’t actually buy products. They buy brands. They buy brands because they have a deep-seated connection to it or because it represents something positive to them. If you presented two identical items, (same specifications, same quality, same price tag, same everything) … to an average shopper … and you placed any brand on one of the 2 items and left one unbranded, ., 9 times out of 10, the shopper will pick the branded item. Branding makes all the difference. That is why branding is critical to a company or its products. Branding is not so much about the product’s physical or material make-up. It’s about what a brand means to a consumer. Products will come and go. Brands will live on. We take pride in describing Calgary branding as a passionate drive to make consumers not […]

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