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Designing for an Audience

While we’ve tackled the tangible aspects of branding in the form of logo and web design, we haven’t yet touched on the meat and potatoes of any business and their subsequent brand: the target audience. Knowing your audience will affect every executive decision you make for your company. Not only will these people dictate how you run your business but also how you choose to portray it. It’s obvious that a webpage that’s geared towards the construction world won’t have the same effect on teenage girls and vice versa. So how do you determine what kind of design will appeal to your target audience? Like in any relationship, you have to get to know them better. Who is Your Audience? First thing is first, who are even are these people? Hopefully if you’ve started up a business you at least have some inkling, specifically in terms of age, gender and […]

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Examining the Trend of Flat Design

First thing is first – what is flat design? Even if you’re not involved in the design world in the slightest you’ve probably noticed that a new design aesthetic has all but taken over. From logos and labels to websites and apps, the flat ideals have taken up residency as the universal style for both big brands and small. In recent years, most brands have gotten a makeover both online and off, opting for cleaner, simpler and more easily translatable branding and web design to cater towards user experience. Gone are the flashy, reflective and wholly unnecessary design elements that we came to know and (almost) love in the early 2000’s, making way for the cooler, more modern style that has a better idea of what’s up for the new age. Favoring a design that prioritizes simplicity for the sake of usability, flat design dabbles in bright colors, open space, […]

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Web Design Trends for 2015

Mobility is the way of the future and having our little pocket computers in hand is better than a security blanket and nothing says comfort quite like a well designed website. As the web continues to grow from a technological standpoint, so too has it in terms of design. Having become more advanced and in tune with our societal wants, needs and visual stimuli, new techniques in web design are being introduced in order to keep up and ahead of the game. With this in mind, we can only imagine what might be in store for the future. So looking ahead at trends for 2015 we can only assume that this year, the best is still yet to come. Responsive or Bust While responsive design isn’t necessarily a new concept, in recent years it’s made a name for itself as being the new industry standard for web design in general […]

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The Importance of Web Development in Business

In today’s highly competitive business atmosphere, along with the growing online market, no company can afford to think about making it big without creating its own website. The global client and customer base is simply getting to be so big, it cannot be ignored. A great-looking website, projecting a professional and credible image with easy-to-use features and friendly prompts will draw people to it, to interact, recommend to personal friends and go back to it repeatedly. Many of the big business groups and multi-national corporations would usually have their own internal web development team to meet the needs of their internet marketing. Smaller companies may not have this luxury, but these days it’s not a problem. Many of them outsource their requirements for website development and web design on a contractual basis. A company often discovers a number of web development outfits or some professional qualified website developers with just the right kind of […]

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Behance Design Profile Updates

Hey ya’ll — for those aren’t in the loop, we’ve been updating our Behance profile visible here: https://www.behance.net/talonx with some of our classic projects. Behance is an online community filled with artists sharing work across the globe. As much as we love presenting our design work within our own website, we also like contributing to a community. We’d encourage you to not only browse your way on over there to our own inner page (and give us an appreciation or two) but also check out some the amazing projects taking place all over the world right now. We’ve been, and are continually inspired by some of the amazing design, web and graphic design taking place on Adobe’s community and are excited to be an active contributor as well! Go ahead and take a quick visit, it only takes a minute.

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talonX Creative Agency is Live!

We’re pleased to announce that the new talonX Creative Agency website is up and live. Over the next few weeks we’ll be working out some finer kinks on the site as we move forward. In the meantime we’d welcome any feedback! Just click on contact and enter in any relevant details into the form and we’d be keen to hear thoughts!

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