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Background Videos That Don’t Suck

In the past couple of years internet speeds have increased exponentially and browsers have gotten better at supporting HTML5, video has become the new normal. It’s not just for advertising and informing the audience anymore, video has fast become a web design element. We are seeing more and more background videos on websites, but not […]

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website preparedness plan

Website Preparedness Plan

People get so excited about websites. We get it, we’re in the web design business, we get excited about designing cool shit too! Allow me to rephrase that, people get so excited about their website – especially about getting their website built. They have the idea and the financial backing for their business and like […]

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Find Your Muse

Meet Your Muse

Whether you work in creative field or just dabble with your imagination at some point you may have noticed that occasionally your muse can go missing. You hit the wall or your brain just straight up stops working usually as a deadline is looming. Just because the talonX team are professionals doesn’t mean we don’t […]

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Brand Voice

Inject Your Brand With Personality

Personality, you have it and your brand needs it. Gone are the days when you could simply put words to a page. You have to stand out from the crowd, differentiate or die as the dire saying goes. One of the tools at your disposal is brand tone or brand voice. Just like people, brands […]

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