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Logo Design Typography

Logo Design For Dummies

Ok. The title is misleading. This blog post is not just for dummies. It’s for the people out there who have had an idea. Call it a spark, a lightning bolt or a lightbulb going off, you have had a brilliant idea for a product/service/business. You have the idea, the plan, the funding and a […]

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visual hierarchy

The Importance of Visual Hierarchy in Web Design

Gather ‘round kids, it is story time with talonX. Ok, well, less story time and more blogging time – but same thing different name. Today, we are going to talk about logo placement, web design and how to marry the two. Building a brand is not the easiest thing to do, but building a brand […]

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Colours to Use in Web Design

I’m feeling blue. He was green with envy. She went red in the face. Colour is not just around us, it is inside of us. Colours help us decide what to eat, how we feel, how we communicate. It is not just what we buy, colours help us determine the brands that we will buy […]

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orange clock

Does My Website Need an Upgrade?

TalonX started out in Calgary as a company designing kick-ass websites and from there grew into the even more kick-ass creative agency that it is. Web design is still the foundation of our work, so naturally people call us up to talk about website related problems and to ask us web design related questions. One […]

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