Thinking Outside of the Box

The Secret of Creative Success


Thinking Outside of the Box

Creativity. This single word encapsulates the idea of thinking outside of the box. But what is does it take to really think outside of the box? Most people will say that it’s doing something that has never been done before, however in this day and age it’s easy to believe that everything has already been done before. The foundation of creativity is the concept of taking whatever is already present and giving it a twist that makes it revolutionary or presenting it on a grander scale that will bring you to the forefront of the playing field. Just take a look at this guy:



ErAn Croitoru has taken an idea that The Walt Disney Company originally introduced: the humanizing of both objects and animals in his animated photography. In both cases they make normally inanimate objects come to life and gift them with the ability to talk, sing and groove to music much like we would. Croitoru’s twist on the idea combined with a natural talent and perhaps even the aid of additional training and resources has allowed him to create a new reality, much like the ones Disney has created before him. Creative success relies on a certain aspect of fascination, where the creator allows the viewer a step into their own imagination, willing them to do more than just see but also experience.

Creativity is instilling all the experiences you encounter in a single moment into a piece of work that moves the world…or as Steve Jobs would have said: “makes a dent in the universe!” It can be both powerful and moving or tranquil and submissive and we’re sure that with the amount of talent out there, Croitoru included, there are many of us that will go on to create some super cool things in all aspects of life. Of course creativity is not limited to just the creative arts; having and developing creativity is a means of expanding your minds to the farthest corners and seeking fresh ideas in even the unlikeliest of places. All we can say is the best of luck to all of you as you take your talent and develop it further with all its unique aspects and profitability.

Before we go off on more tangents, we would like to conclude by saying that creativity is what the genuine human experience really makes it out to be, and combining that with the ideals of modernity, cleanliness and professionalism is what talonX stands for.

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